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Who is Jovan Luzinda?

Who is Jovan Luzinda? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, wife, family, songs, The New Eagles, relationship with Grace Khan, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Irene Namatovu, early life and education of the ‘Emboseera’ singer.

Jovan Luzinda is a Ugandan artist, a songwriter who made his breakthrough musically through his song ‘Emboseera’. He’s so passionate about music and football, though not a professional footballer.

Luzinda has unique art, and skill of writing music. He writes his music and for others.

Early Life and Education

Jovan Luzinda was born to Salongo Samuel Luzinda and Eva Nantongo, in Lugazi Mukono District, current Buikwe District on 24th November 1992. 

He was born to a family of five, and the third born. 

Luzinda attended Wintson Primary School, Najjanankunbi a Kampala City suburb, and then Lugazi Parents Secondary School. 

He was born to a business home. Luzinda’s father was a metal fabricator while his mother dealt in motor spare parts in Lugazi town.

At school, Luzinda participated in co-curricular activities that included playing football and singing. He could as well compose songs for the school right from primary school till secondary school.

Unfortunately, Jovan Luzinda dropped out of school before completing secondary school. His parents stopped paying his school fees in 2013 because he was an unruly child with weird behaviours.

This marked the beginning of Luzinda’s suffering times. He left home to start a life on his own after dropping out of school. Living in Mengo, a Kampala City suburb was hard for Luzinda. He faced a lot of hardships that made him regret why he left school and home.

He started washing cars and living on the streets of Kampala. Later on, Luzinda resorted to sleeping in latrines, because it was the only place they could not chase him away.

Tired of a hard life, Luzinda decided to hunt for work. Fortunately, he was admitted to work for Starling, a construction company. 

But the troubles did not end with securing a job. Luzinda narrates that there was too much work for him that almost claimed his life and he feared that he was close to death.

He nursed serious chest pain that forced him to quit the job. At the time, Luzinda wrote his will, for he was sure he would die at any moment.

However, after being sick for some time, Luzinda requested his girlfriend to return him to his parent’s home, because he thought he would die anytime. Life was really tough, and he had lost hope.

After arriving home, Luzinda regained his strength and hope. His mother took charge and treated him, so after regaining his health, Luzinda’s mother asked him to return to the city and start a clothing business, an idea he admitted.

In the City, Luzinda began hawking second-hand clothes, a business that polished his life and financial standing.

Music Career

In 2015, Luzinda’s mother asked him to participate in the New Eagles talent search program to try his luck. This was after the Eagles Production split, from where The New Eagles headed by Geoffrey Lutaaya emerged.

His mother was sure his son would make it because he had the talent given the fact that he sang in school, church choir and Karaoke. Fortunately, Luzinda made it through the auditions.

Despite his father’s resentment for him to join music, Luzinda insisted based on his mother’s encouragement and support. 

His father called him all sorts of bad names, but his mother stood her ground to support her son’s music career and indeed, his mother’s blessings made him through.

Luzinda got closer to the veteran musician Geoffrey Lutaaya who nurtured his music career. Lutaaya is the reason Luzinda is who he is today, as far as music is concerned. 

Lutaaya is the author of Luzinda’s very first single ‘Mutamivu’ and taught him how to sing, recorded his music, secured platforms for him to perform like marriage ceremonies among others.

To Luzinda, Lutaaya is more than a father to him, he talks about him as a good father, adviser, who motivated him and encouraged him as well.

In his story, the musical journey hasn’t been a bed of roses, Luzinda faced various hardships at the start of his journey, for he recalls a time when Producer Paddy Man dragged him out of the studio for being so green and lacking the money to record a song.

Later, Luzinda vacated The New Eagles and went sole after realizing that he could fly alone. But in all, he remains grateful to Geoffrey Lutaaya and his wife Irene Namatovu for growing his music career.

His breakthrough song was ‘Emboosera’ a song that got him into the limelight. Luzinda does football alongside his singing career, and his favourite local football team is Express FC. 

He points out that Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine a Ugandan musician and politician is his hero musically.

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Despite recent links to Grace Khan, Jovan denied dating her and even denied her pregnancy as she had claimed. PHOTO/COURTESY


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Jovan Luzinda is not in any known relationship. Jovan was recently linked to Grace Khan but he declined ever dating her and even denied her pregnancy, as Khan had claimed.

Fellow singer Grace Khan with whom Luzinda was with in the same band The New Eagles informed the media that Luzinda was responsible for her pregnancy. 

Unfortunately, she went heartbroken after Luzinda denied ever dating her saying the only relationship they shared was friendship as singers, in the same band.