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Known as a type of board sport in which participants lie prone on longboards and steer with their feet, riverboarding is now available for both locals and tourists in Uganda. PHOTO/TRAINS, PLANES AND TUK TUKS

Boardsports such as Riverboarding, which involves lying on a board and using the feet to propel themselves and steer, are now available both for locals and tourists in Uganda.

Riverboarding is a type of board sport that requires participants to lie on their board and steer using their feet. The activity has been made available in Uganda for locals and tourists.

Riverboarders often use fins to provide propulsion when navigating through river currents, along with a personal flotation device for added buoyancy. Wetsuits, booties, and helmets are worn to guard against the cold and rocks. 

Additionally, on shallow rivers, shin guards, gloves, knee pads, thigh pads, and elbow pads are occasionally worn for added protection. 

Riverboarding instruction, board design, and gear are continuously improved, making it safer and expanding the types of rapids that can be run on a riverboard, as well as the kind of tricks that can be executed while belly surfing.

Riverboarding, also known as river surfing, is an exciting water sport that combines white water rafting and river boarding. 

Participants tackle the Nile’s most dangerous rapids while riverboarding and surfing the waves. It’s a mash-up of nearly all water activities, and while it’s exhilarating and adventurous, it’s not for the faint of heart. 

The Nile River includes eight major rapids, each of which presents a unique set of skill challenges depending on the water level.

Riverboarding or river surfing is one activity available on the Nile for white water lovers. 

Before commencing on the thrilling pastime of riverboarding on the Nile, travellers are provided with river boards, flippers, helmets, and a life jacket. 

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In Uganda, riverboarding or river surfing is only permitted for 14-year-olds and above. PHOTO/COURTESY

When certain rapids produce waves, you can surf. In Uganda, the minimum age for riverboarding or river surfing is 14.

Are you a fan of thrills, spills, breathtaking scenery, and whitewater? Nothing beats a whitewater riverboarding adventure on the Nile in Uganda. 

This high-volume river is pulsating with energy, and this excursion will alter your perspective on an adventure.

Your thrilling experience will begin in calm waters, where you will familiarize yourself with your equipment and learn the fundamental riverboarding techniques. 

Surrounded by stunning scenery, your voyage continues via the Nile’s great surfing waves and on to the section of the river with rapids, where the strength and intensity of the water provide an amazing and exhilarating experience.

White Nile Rafting charges $140 per person for a riverboarding experience that includes the following:

  • Mouth-watering Buffet Breakfast 
  • Fresh pineapple and biscuits On the riverbank
  • The most affable and knowledgeable river crew
  • At the end of the day, enjoy delectable BBQ and a supper (buffet) accompanied by chilled beers, sodas, and water.
  • Jinja – Kampala Pick-up and delivery
  • 8 significant rapids
  • Camping accommodation for one night, with bedding
  • In the evening, tea and coffee are served.
  • Campfire
  • Wi-fi
  • Fully modern equipment
  • Tubing while riverboarding
  • Comprehensive safety briefing and drills
  • Each excursion includes a safety boat and safety kayakers.
  • Photographer and videographer professionals (Over 100 pictures)

NB: The price of River Boarding remains the same regardless of whether additional products (mentioned above) are required.

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Riverboarding with White Nile Rafting costs $140 per person and includes the following. PHOTO/TRIP ADVISOR

Equipped with a bodyboard or river-specific sledge, fins, booties, a life jacket, and a helmet, you will be trained by seasoned, professional, and nationally certified guides on how to navigate the river at face level. 

All participants must possess basic swimming abilities.

River Surfing is perfect for those seeking a complete white water experience. A must-do experience if you’re looking to try something new, thrilling, and out of your comfort zone.

Because the bodyboards are lightweight and highly manoeuvrable, you may be more active in the water. It’s the ideal option for those seeking the ultimate adventure. 

Up to 19 kilometres of Uganda’s best white water for riverboarding. Conquer grade 2, 3, and 5 rapids and become King of the River by bodyboarding through them. 

You’ll enjoy surfing standing waves, riding whirlpools and eddy lines, and, if you’re adventurous enough, catching some underwater currents.

On custom-built sledges, get up close and personal with white water and tremendous rapids. This is great for people who wish to attempt river boarding but lack confidence. This is a high-octane trip for serious water enthusiasts.

The journey begins in a secret calm eddy following orientation to fundamental sledging tactics. At this point, you must demonstrate the bare minimum skills required to enjoy this trip. 

As you approach the main flow, grip on tight and experience the river’s force as the adrenaline kicks in. Riding rapids, blasting through waves, spinning in gigantic whirlpools, and attempting wicked rock leaps. 

After the day, there is a tranquil final section that allows you to take in the beauty of the environment before having a great BBQ and supper (buffet) together with cold drinks, sodas, and water.

Float on bodyboards through a high volume river at a slower pace with no white water and only serene beauty as you riverboard down the Nile. Take in the scenery and go with the flow!

This is the ideal riverboarding experience for those who are not as comfortable in the water. 

The journey begins with an adrenaline-pumping boat ride upriver, where guests can take in stunning views and learn about the history of this pristine river.

After a brief safety orientation, you can leap into the Nile’s calm portion. Each excursion is accompanied by expert photographers who capture those priceless moments.

Two companies in Jinja, Uganda, Nalubale Rafting and Nile River Explorers, offer riverboarding excursions that allow participants to surf the Nile’s legendary waves with the assistance of skilled experts. 

Nile River Explorers’ rafting headquarters is in Jinja town, and the company also has a magnificent riverside camping on the Nile about 20 minutes outside of Jinja.

Since 2005, Nalubale has operated whitewater rafting tours on the Nile. All staff receive ongoing training to ensure that their entire team is current with best practices and is covered by a thorough safety management plan and insurance.

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