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Justice Kanyeihamba demands apology from Police over defamatory statements
Justice Kanyeihamba demands apology from Police over defamatory statements

Retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Kanyeihamba demands government apology from police for defamatory remarks.

Police has been asked to file a government apology for the defamatory declaration indicating an alleged impasse between the retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Wilson Kanyeihamba, and his police bodyguard.

Justice Kanyeihamba claims that whatever was published in the media was misinformation meant to tarnish his personality.

I was so upset at the story. This was done to harm me beyond recognition. It’s like I’ve got an illegal weapon. I advised the police to apologize in writing and publish it in the journals.

Kanyeihamba said while shedding tears

Speaking to reporters, Justice Kanyeihamba said the police apologized to him in writing signed by Commander VIPPU, Police Commissioner Herman Owomugisha on June 10, 2019.

I would like to say that your advice after the analysis was genuine and valid as one of our country’s senior citizens. I would like to say sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and your family by unnecessary media attractions and attention.

the apology letter reads in part

The letter further stated that as a retired judge, Kanyeihamba is one of the most vulnerable people in Uganda when he served as a judge in terms of protection.

We take your safety seriously and I personally promise to work with my staff to give you the best security you deserve.

Owomugisha said in the letter

It was reported last week in his home in Buziga, Kampala that Prof George Kanyeihamba, a retired Judge from the Supreme Court, was locked up by its police guard.

It was then reported that the clash between Justice Kanyeihamba and his guard began when the guard refused to hand over his gun to the retired Judge before going to the burial of his grandfather.

In the midst of this battle, it was reported that the guard then locked the judge in his house. However, police said the battle is a minor incident, and Judge Kanyeihamba was given another guard.

There was a minor incident today at the residence of Prof George Kanyeihamba in Buziga, a suburb of Kampala. A police guard at the home of the retired Judge lost his dad and asked his principal, who is Prof. Kanyeihamba, to let him go for the funeral. The retired justice Kanyeihamba instructed him to hand over the weapon to him, which the guard dismissed.

Police statement reads in part.