Science Teachers to Create Their Own Union
Science Teachers to Create Their Own Union - NAMASITU

Division in Uganda National Teachers ‘ Union (UNATU) Association has emerged as science teachers in Uganda are planning to break out of the association.

Science teachers say they are considering forming their own union because UNATU leaders wrecked and betrayed their salary increment demands.

National Coordinator of Science Teachers in Uganda, Peter Okello said the moment president Museveni thought of raising their salaries UNATU management rose against it with no strong explanation.

Okello continued to say that after just two months of enjoying the pay rise, government eventually stopped paying them the added amount of money.

This was UNATU’s worst betrayal of all teachers. This was an opportunity the profession had to be well paid. It was extinguished by UNATU leadership when it fought tooth and nail to block salary increment of science and mathematics teachers as promised by the president. The shs2m was a fair money that would make teaching attractive.

Last year, President Museveni proposed a salary increase for science teachers from their usual monthly salary of shs600,000 to 1.9 m for graduate science teachers, while diploma holders raised their salary from shs625,067 to 1.7m.

Head teachers having Science qualifications their pay rose from 1.7m to 2.5m while Deputy Head teachers received a rise from shs1.5 to 1.7m monthly.

Nonetheless, members of parliament dismissed the proposal arguing that salary increment for only science teachers would indicate discrimination.

According to Science teachers, if at all the money had been in the 2017/2018 budget, then the arts teachers would have a reason to seek legal reforms.

The only way that will now reverse the entire mistake of UNATU is to form a parallel union for Science and Mathematics teachers.

Okello said

Okello who is a Chemistry and Biology Teacher at Sir Samuel Baker School in Gulu, said their proposed union will be called National Mathematics and Science Teachers Union (NAMASITU).

Yesterday, UNATU Secretary-General Filbert Baguma denied the allegations that saw them sabotaging Science Teachers salary increment that was proposed by the president last year.

Baguma says they were the key people in the proposal to increase teachers’ salaries so that they earn a better living since 2011.

And last year, 2018, they only told the government to first clear the arears that accumulated during the 2011 dialog but, as stated, sabotaged Science Teachers ‘ wage increase.