Kampala-Gulu Highway Luweero Road Accident Kills 5 Prisoners
The Traffic Police spokesperson Faridah Nampiima says the accident occurred at about 9 am at a place called Nalongo in Luweero district when a Prisons truck that was carrying 54 inmates from Butuntumula prison overturned. FILE PHOTO

Police confirmed on Monday that five prisoners lost their lives as a result of an accident that occurred on the Kampala-Gulu highway in Nalongo Village.

Police have confirmed that five prisoners on Monday succumbed to an accident that occurred at Nalongo Village, Luwero district along the Kampala-Gulu highway.

According to Living Twazagye the Luweero District Police Commander, the accident that occurred in the Luwero district left five prisoners dead on the spot while others including two prison warders survived with serious injuries.

According to Faridah Nampiima the Traffic Police spokesperson, the accident happened at around 9 am at a place called Nalongo in Luweero district when a Prisons truck carrying 54 inmates from Butuntumula prison overturned.

At 9:45 am this morning, we registered a fatal accident involving a Uganda Prisons truck in Luweero. Five prisoners died on spot, and the injured have been rushed to Kasana health facility,” Nampiima said.

“The accident happened when a Toyota Fielder moving from Gulu side had a tyre burst, lost control and rammed into an oncoming prisons truck and in trying to avoid the small vehicle, the truck overturned killing the five prisoners instantly. The two vehicles have been towed to Luweero Central Police Station as investigations into the accident continue,” she added. 

She, however, mentioned that most road accidents continue to occur due to bad driving. 

Nampiima said as a way of tackling the problem, all public service vehicles are going to be forced to pin stickers on the back screens of their cars with a reference number to call and report bad driving.

“All PSVs are going to have this sticker effective today. Call that number and report bad driving. We want to engage the community in preventing accidents. We drive in the outer lane. The outer lane is used to overtake. Don’t make this mistake. 

Don’t park on the railway line. It is wrong. I see people doing this at Mukwano. I also want to remind you to follow the road signs at the different points,” Nampiima said further.

This meanwhile adds to the many road accidents that the police have reported in recent months. 

In a report released earlier this month, the police said over 300 accidents occurred in the period between April 24th to 30th. Of these, 60 accidents were fatal, 213 were serious and 114 were minor.