Katiikiro Peter Mayiga on Bujjingo
Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga

Katiikiro Peter Mayiga on Bujjingo: Men should respect their wives

Men have been encouraged to offer due respect to their wives and avoid disgracing them publically.

Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga made the remarks at the Buganda Lukiiko, held yesterday the 15 of July 2019 at Lubiri Mengo.

Mayiga continued and said that every intelligent man should not shamefully expose his wife but rather protect her before the public.

“There are men I hear these days who disrespect their wives before the public, utter all the unclean statements about their wives and yet they should have acted exemplary to the society, it’s so absurd,” said Katiikiro Peter Mayiga.

“Don’t allow even a friend to disrespect your wife if you are a man of dignity and integrity you cannot allow such to happen to your wife,” Mayiga added.

Mayiga relatedly said that the reason why most girls shun married today is because of such kind of men who discuss their wives publically.

In addition, Mayiga appealed to all women to take charge in their families particularly home cleanliness, fulfilling all their responsibilities and stay organised.

“A good family is not about giving birth to many children. Some women do not know how to cook, a right woman should observe all that is required of her,” Mayiga said.

Thereafter, Katikiro Mayiga urged people to solve their issues legally other than publicising their marriage challenges.

“The difference between successes and failure is really the difference between those who are able to make decisions when it matters and those who fail to take decisions.”

Katikiro Mayiga’s remarks follow House of Prayer Ministries Pastor, Aloysius Bujjingo who publically disgraced his wife which caused anger to many.