Gen Mugisha Muntu ANT party
Gen Mugisha Muntu starts ANT party structures

Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party: Gen Mugisha Muntu starts the process to establish party structures countrywide

Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party led by Gen Mugisha Muntu, has started laying down plans to establish its party structures in all parts of Uganda.

ANT party coordinator in charge of electoral affairs, Dan Mugarura says they have laid down guidelines to form lower administrative units and interim committees at the district level.

Magarura says the coordination committees will have powers to appoint individuals, to work for the good of the party as per the party’s constitution.

He continued and said that each district will have a coordinator, deputy coordinator, secretary, coordinator in charge of women affairs, mobilisation coordinator, treasurer, constituency coordinator, people with disability coordinator and youth affairs coordinator.

However, the mobilisation coordinator will serve as the district spokesperson.

Magarura says these committees will be required to market and promote the party’s ideologies, ideas to the public, and also be able to establish the party’s structures.

“They should be able to mobilise and recruit members into the party, fundraise the party, identity pilot areas for implementation of party activities,” Mugarura said.