Kenzo Rema and Hamza Sebunya Introduction Ceremony
Kenzo to miss Rema and Hamza Sebunya Introduction Ceremony. Photo/Twitter

Kenzo misses out as over 100 guests are given invitation cards to attend Rema’s introduction ceremony

The organizing committee for Rema Namakula’s introduction ceremony has indicated that they are done with issuing out tickets to all invited guests for the ceremony due to take place this month without Kenzo

According to the committee chairperson, Issa Musoke, all the expected guests have been given cards but Kenzo’s was not inclusive.

‘’All our guests have already received their cards and there is no way we can add Kenzo to the list that is already fully sorted,” Musoke stated before adding that there is no sign that he will be part of the group invited.

Last week, when he was asked whether he would desire to attend his ex’s wedding, Kenzo implied that it would do him no harm if he was invited in good faith.

Kenzo also added that he would be very willing to go and support Rema implying that despite their breakup, she is a good friend and someone he lived with for five years.

“If I am invited to Rema Namakula’s introduction ceremony in good faith, I will go and support my life friend Namakula as I know it is a ‘gown’ she has always wanted.

No-one knows Rema as I do; I have spent five years with her – eating and sleeping together,” Kenzo stated last week in an interview with journalists.

With the actual number of guests expected at the function yet to be revealed, several sources indicate that over 100 have already received their invitation cards including a number of socialities and other celebrities.

Rema is expected to introduce her new-lover Dr Hamza Sebunya to her parents in Nabbingo, Wakiso district on November 14, 2019. 

Earlier last month, Sebunya together with his family visited Rema Namakula’s Senga and other relatives in Bukoto in what they refer to as a ‘Kukyala’ ceremony.

All this came after the ‘Sili Muyembe’ musician parted ways with his long-time partner and also fellow musician Kenzo for unknown reasons.

In what appeared as rumours, days later it became reality with photos of Rema hugging her new man Dr Ssebunya circulating on various media platforms.

This was also coupled with a post from Eddy Kenzo confirming to the public that their relationship was no more. In Kenzo’s statement, he also wished Rema well in her new marriage.

The two had dated for five years and were also blessed with a five-year-old daughter.

By John Dalton Kigozi