Kizza Besigye ready to pay the price of Political Change in Uganda
Kizza Besigye says he's ready to pay the price of Political Change in Uganda. Photo/Facebook

Rt. Col. Dr Kizza Besigye has said he’s ready to pay the price until Uganda becomes a country free from oppression and full of democracy. 

Speaking after his Monday brutal arrest, Kizza Besigye says he will not stop fighting until Uganda turns into a country with equal opportunities to every citizen.

“I am prepared to pay a price in this country. I want to be able to live in a country I call mine, freely, but not by permission.”

Narrating what happened to him on a fateful day, Besigye displayed body injuries inflicted on him in yesterday’s event as Police sprayed him with teargas and water on his back and he nearly fell from his car where he was standing.

The bruises are particularly on his left leg and left hand.

Despite the injuries, the opposition strongman, the People’s Government leader and the four-time presidential candidate sustained, he said the injuries are nothing compared to the injuries many Ugandan sustains, as a result of the violation of their rights.

“There are more people in this country who have been injured through violation of their rights. That’s the bigger picture,” said Besigye.

Nevertheless, Besigye denied Police claims that he interrupted traffic flow, after packing his car in the middle of the road.

Justifying Besigye’s arrest, police released a statement saying Besigye had blocked traffic that called for his arrest.

But Besigye defending the accusation filed by Police against him said that it’s actually police that blocked his way to Namboole.

And when he attempted to redirect his journey to instead hold the meeting at FDC’s head office in Najjanankumbi, again Police blocked him, and eventually his arrest occurred.

How it started – Kizza Besigye on political change in Uganda

Police on Monday violently arrested Dr Besigye after breaking the windscreen of his car on his way to Namboole where he was meant to attend anniversary celebrations arranged by FDC leaders, around Kireka-Banda, along Jinja road.

Before arresting him, the Police Mambas and Patrols who intercepted his Monday activity sprayed a lot of tear gas inside Besigye’s car.

And then after arresting him, he was driven to Nagalama Police Station. According to police, Besigye and his supporters paid a deaf eye to their orders, only to cause inconveniences’ to other people’s businesses’.

Besigye around Kireka-Banda, along Jinja road
Besigye around Kireka-Banda, along Jinja road

Police claim Besigye defied their orders, after packing his vehicle in the middle of the road, blocking other road users.

“FDC informed us about the intended celebration and we wrote back to them advising that they should shift the venue, but they ignored our directives,” Police statement indicated.

“The car was towed away and he was taken to Nagalama Police Station. At the moment no charges have been preferred against him, but investigators are still gathering evidence.”

However, Police refuted claims that one person was killed amidst the scuffle.

“No death has been registered in this operation.”

Now following the event, singer Bebe Cool real names, Moses Ssali said if what happened to Besigye, happens to his fellow Musician, Bobi Wine real names Robert Kyagulanyi the Kyadondo East legislator who intends to run for the presidency in the next elections and the People Power leader, he will cry like an adolescent.

Bebe Cool a staunch supporter of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni says Bobi Wine cannot endure any harsh treatment like the one subjected to Dr Besigye.

He adds that if what happened to Besigye had happened to Bobi Wine, he would be moving on a wheelchair now.

“He would be in a wheelchair the next morning, crying like the adolescent,” Bebe Cool said.

However, Bebe Cool condemned the way Police arrested Besigye, saying it was a cruel, wrong and inhuman act.

“Whatever transpired here is so wrong. I am a supporter of president M7 and I am sure he is a human being and cannot allow such an act,” Bebe Cool posted on his Facebook page.

Also, Bebe Cool weighed the two and concluded that according to Besigye’s Monday violent arrest, his scores have increased while for Bobi Wine a drop has been registered.

“This move would put the blue ahead of the red.”