Kojja Kitonsa singer Grace Khan
Kojja Kitonsa dumps Grace Khan, reunites with wife Ssenga Namatovu. Photo/Facebook

Kojja Kitonsa from Bakitonsa Herbal Research Center reunites with wife and dumps singer Grace Khan

Kojja William Kitonsa, a professional Ugandan herbalist from the Bakitonsa Herbal Research Center, and event promoter has ended his rumoured magical relationship with singer Grace Khan

After various viral videos on social media platforms and local media stations showing how the two were in a mature and adorable relationship, he finally looked back at his wife Ssenga Namatovu.

He says that between him and singer Grace Khan is just an artist-manager, so whatever people may think or say is not real.

“As you all know my projects with Grace Khan are still going on, I am her manager and you are aware of that…everything is okay, “said Kitonsa.

Like Kojja Kitonsa does his work as a herbalist, Ssenga Namatovu the mother to his three children also happens to be operating the same business.

Kojja Kitonsa from Bakitonsa Herbal Research Center
Kojja Kitonsa from Bakitonsa Herbal Research Center reunites with wife

In the time her husband found ways to Grace Khan, Namatovu did not give up to the singer to take over her sweetheart just like that, and after performing several Duwah (Islamic innovations or form of worshipping where Muslims connect with Allah to ask for forgiveness and favours), her pleas were heard by Allah hence bringing back her husband.

“If God makes miracles without our know-how, this is a miracle for me to be back home. I would like to thank my wife for gifting me a baby boy, as I have performed Akhika for my son, it’s the only way I can feel remorse to my wife and family at large for hurting them for the prev

Concerning the rumours everywhere, Kojja Kitonsa merely lost his wife and marriage at large.

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It has been during the celebration of his baby’s birthday “Akhika” on Monday 6th January 2020 that he revived thereby apologizing to his wife for having broken her heart and also hurting his children by committing adultery with that he counts the time he has stayed with the wife.

“By the way, we have stayed together with my wife for approximately 8 years but as you know she has always been there and we have three children now, “said Kojja Kitonsa.

Kojja Kitonsa wife Ssenga Namatovu
Kojja Kitonsa’s wife Ssenga Namatovu

According to Singer Grace Khan, she excitedly expressed how adorable their relationship was with Kojja Kitonsa and also made it openly clear to all those who thought she wouldn’t get a lover after being dumped by fellow band musician Jovan Luzinda, member of De New Eagles Band.

“I know many out there are judging, I can assure you one thing I love him, he is my man. I don’t know any other woman…there isn’t any; do you want me to deceive? If she is there let her come out and express herself…. (Singing) my gold it’s the heart that chose you, if you are clo

On the other hand, Ssenga Namatovu seemed familiar with the situation.

She said;

“Most times…haha ha…we usually leave such issues to our men to decide so if he decides and he loves it, and we talk about it there is no problem…so if he decides to get another person, he is free and if he doesn’t, he won’t have her.”