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Kyagulanyi made the remarks on Tuesday during his first physical address held in his Magere home. PHOTO/TWITTER

Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has urged all elected NUP MPs in the 11th Parliament to remain focused and not allow to be intimidated by bribes from the ruling party.

The National Unity Platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has urged all elected NUP MPs in the 11th Parliament to remain focused and not allow to be intimidated by bribes from the ruling party. 

Kyagulanyi made the remarks on Tuesday during his first physical address in the presence of the media which he held in his Magere home. Many of the newly elected MPs affiliated to the NUP party were in attendance.

Kyagulanyi urged all the 61 NUP legislators not to allow to be diverted but stand by the party slogan of working to achieve service delivery.

The NUP leader reminded his charges that the ruling party president Yoweri Museveni is going to utilise the opportunity of giving out money and other benefits to try and entice them but they should not forget that the people who voted them into power are on a close watch.

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“The regime is going to give you money. You must have heard Museveni saying that he is going to finish our group. He is going to give you a Ministerial position and if you refuse, they will intimidate and arrest you, but please comrades, do not disappoint our people,” Kyagulanyi said.

He also reminded them that on top of remaining loyal, they should as well ensure that they represent the voice of their constituents and voters because they put all their trust in them.

“We have a duty as a generation and you are the commanders. People chose you because they saw hope in you. I want all of you to be Kyagulanyis wherever you are,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kyagulanyi has been under house arrest for the last 11 days since January 14th when the country held its presidential election until Monday when the High Court ordered security operatives to vacate his premises.

Speaking about the situation at his home during the past days, Kyagulanyi said that besides the heavy deployment, military helicopters have also been monitoring his residence every single day.

Kyagulanyi to Remain Under Police Surveillance
Michael Elubu, the High Court judge ruled that the continued confinement of Kyagulanyi and his wife is a violation of their rights and unlawful. FILE PHOTO

He, however, said that the ruling party is doing all this to make the public forget that they with the help of the Electoral Commission announced fake results in the just concluded elections. 

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“The High Court ruled this morning that my continued house arrest (11 days now) is illegal & unconstitutional. Several hours later, the military still surrounds my home, blocking access to all! Perhaps (as always) waiting for Gen. Museveni’s orders on the next course of action,” he reminded.

“This has been the situation at my house these past days. Aside from the military and police surrounding us, military and police helicopters have been consistently hovering over our residence in breach of our privacy rights. Cowards!.”

Kyagulanyi who remains optimistic that he won the election assured his supporters that he will apply all legal means to put Museveni out of power in less than one year.

“I want Museveni out of power in less than one year. We shall non violent but legal means possible,” the NUP assured.