MasterCard Foundation scholarships
Makerere University awards 432 students with Mastercard Foundation scholarships. File Photo

Makerere University has awarded 432 students with MasterCard Foundation scholarships as a chance for them to continue pursuing their education careers.

The University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe handed over MasterCard Foundation Scholarships Award letters to 432 cohort five (5) scholars during a Scholarship Award Ceremony that was held at the Makerere University Central Teaching Facility. 

Makerere University Selection Committees received 4,700 applications for the available limited slots from which they had to choose a required number of students for the scholarships. 

For this year alone, the University has awarded a total of 432 scholarships, of which 94 per cent are Ugandans and 6 per cent are international students from Burundi, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Cameroon.

The Vice-Chancellor congratulated the successful candidates who qualified for the scholarships before welcoming them to the University.

Prof. Nawangwe also said that scholars need to effectively utilize this opportunity provided to them by MasterCard Foundation and Makerere University to transform not only their lives but the society in general.

“Do not be marginalized because of your background but instead work hard, acquire good grades and leave the University with the best degree,” Nawangwe said.

“Your path as a future leader starts right here, engaging in constructive intellectual debates, leadership activities, research and innovations. If you stay on this path, we do not doubt that on graduation day you will stand tall and pride in yourself, as a model citizen ready to develop life-impacting innovations and solutions that can change your community,” he added.

In 2014, Makerere University entered a partnership with Mastercard Foundation to offer scholarships to 1,000 academically bright but economically disadvantaged youth from Africa to study at Makerere University from 2013 to 2023. 

The worth US $ 20,989,965.15 project is being implemented by Planning and Development Directorate (PDD) to develop the next generation of African leaders and also promoting the strategic objectives of Makerere University and MasterCard Foundation of contributing to Africa’s higher education sector and development.

The 1st Cohort that started in academic year 2014/2015 comprised 49 students and the number has been multiplying at each intake.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of Selection Committee Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi also said that scholars need to use this opportunity to build their careers and dreams.

Appropriately, he thanked his team for its tremendous job in selecting the beneficiaries for this year’s MasterCard Foundation scholarships.

By John Dalton Kigozi