who is King Saha
Who is King Saha?

Who is King Saha? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, Age, music, beef with Bebe Cool and family of Mansour Ssemanda.

Mansour Ssemanda alias King Saha is Ugandan multi-talented singer who is the CEO of Kings Love entertainment and songwriter, recording artist and a businessman. King Saha does various music genres which include zouk, r&b, reggae, afrobeat and Bossanova. 

He joined the music industry back then in 2012 with his first single titled Ritah which was produced by Didi of Born fire entertainment. 

King Saha later joined the Leone Island a group which is owned by Jose Chameleon where he released a breakthrough hit titled mulirwana which was produced by crouch of Jeeb records. 

King Saha has been nominated in several awards including Zzinna awards, Hipipo awards and many more 

Early Life and Education

On a Saturday of 2nd September 1989(31years of age) a multi-talented singing machine by the name of Mansour Ssemanda with the stage of King Saha was born in Masaka Rakai district. His family later shifted from Rakai to Entebbe kigungu wakiso district were grew up from. 

At the start of his education journey, Ssemanda alias King Saha joined Good daddy nursery school then he joined st. Agnes primary school. After primary five the vocal machine joined Agalyaawamu primary school where he finished his primary seven before joining the secondary level.

After his primary level Saha joined Nkumba secondary he then changed and joined Kajjansi progressive where he finished his secondary level. He later joined Buganda royal institute at the campus level and studied business administrative before joining the music industry.

When growing up Saha was a good footballer and his friends nicknamed him Saha. According to his friends, Ssemanda was talented as Louis Saha a then professional footballer who was playing in the English premier league hence getting a name Saha because of the magic he portrayed when playing soccer.

Although he was a Muslim, King Saha did not attend Muslim schools but instead he attend catholic schools which exposed him to Catholic Church choirs and he ended up becoming a member. Saha was a church choir member of St Agnes, Bugonga, Kisubi Ggogonya. Because of his creativity in music at his tender age, Saha was referred to as a “golden boy of Entebbe.”

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Because of his supernatural talent, King Saha won various singing competitions at school which enabled him to get school bursaries. Saha was born with his Halima Nakaweesi.

During his life, a Buganda Royal institute Saha used to commute from Mengo to Kikubo were his uncle had a shop and had to work with him to raise the tuition fees for each semester.

King Saha later joined the Leone Island
King Saha later joined the Leone Island a group which is owned by Jose Chameleon.

King Saha – Music Career

After finishing his studies in 2011 at Buganda Royal Institute, the sweet-voiced Saha joined a Makindye based group called “Born fire” which was a group owned by Producer Didi who was among the best Uganda’s music producers at the time. 

In 2012 he released his first single titled Ritah which was produced by Didi producer. Under Born fire, he released a song called Swagger with Gravity Omutujju who was also under the same group.

In 2013 Leone Island the Jose Chameleon group had gone to Entebbe Kigungu to perform and during the show, King Saha got a chance to on the show. After the show, Saha was invited by chameleon to join the Seguku based group Leon Island.

 According to King Saha Chameleon told him that the only way he was going to make it to the top was joining Leone Island and after the discussion, Saha joined Leone Island.

During the Leone Island time, King Saha teamed up with manager Sam Mukasa who was Chameleon’s manager at the time. He released songs like Sikyakusobola and Lwaki tondiko which were produced by Paddy man of Audio 1 studios. Saha later left the Leone Island Empire and decided to go solo. 

He left with Sam Mukasa who became his official manager and they partnered with Team No Sleep (TNS) which was a newly opened music label headed by Jeff Kiwa who had just separated with the Good Lyf Crew of Radio and Weasel.

In 2014 King Saha released a blockbuster hit titled Mulirwana which showed his singing ability vocally. The song acted as a breakthrough to the talented Saha and the song took him places. He held his first concert titled Mulirwana at Freedom City and it was a sold-out concert.

King Saha Ugandan multi-talented singer
In 2014, King Saha released a blockbuster hit titled Mulirwana.

After a successful 2014, most of the fans did not expect King Saha to return with another mega-hit but this was not the case. King Saha surprised the doubting Thomas fans when he returned with another mega-hit titled Gundeze which was an afro zouk style fussed with a little bit of socca and it was produced by producer Crouch of jeeb records. 

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In 2015 he held a Gundeze concert at Freedom City which was a sold-out concert. The show was filled up with controversies since on the day of his concert it’s the same day the Leon Island boss was also holding his concert which was titled as the “Double trouble concert.”

2016 was a special year for the songbird after him teaming with Diggy Baur of Sound Cover records and he released an Afro Zouk song Mwana Gwe which made him get nominated in the Hipipo Music Awards. His song was nominated in the category of the song of the year and the same year he was nominated in the Uganda Entrainment Awards (UEA}. 

Saha was also nominated in the Rising Star Awards. He held another successful concert titled Mwana gwe concert again at Freedom City.

After his success musically King Saha managed to make his debut at Coke Studio where he teams up with Weasel Manizo a Ugandan artiste together with an Ethiopian singer called Yared Negu. They were all under a Ugandan music producer Daddy Andre. 

In the same King Saha had released a song titled Biri Biri which was produced by Daddy Andre and it was an R&B song and had a different flavour compared to the previous songs of King Saha. 

According to Saha the inspiration of this song comes from his past experiences with Radio before he passed away early that year. The Biri Biri song made King Saha be appointed as the ambassador of Africell a telecommunication company in Uganda.

The soft-voiced Saha was nominated in the awards organized by a Ugandan radio station called Galaxy FM. the awards are called Zzinna awards and he was nominated in the category of best contemporary and R&B artiste both in 2018 and 2019.

King Saha – Personal Life

King Saha is a businessman who has ventured into various businesses including farming, fishing and he proudly says that he owns boats in Entebbe Landing site used fishing to those who wish to hire.

A few months back king Saha entered his multimillion mansion house located in Entebbe Kigungu and it’s on acres of land.

King Saha make debut at Coke Studio
King Saha makes a debut at Coke Studio.


2015 Hipipo awards –best afrobeat song – Mulirwana.

2018/19 Zzinna awards – best contemporary urban 

2019 zzina awards – contemporary RnB artiste of the year.

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2016 Hipipo awards –song of the year- mwana gwe.

2020 Hipipo awards – best RnB song-nkwagala omu.

2015 Uganda entertainment awards –best video – gundeze.

2018/2019 zzina awards artiste of the year.

2020 zzina awards –best contemporary urban artist.

2019 zzina awards –best collaboration –mpa love 




Mwana gwe


Signal -2012

Sikyakusobola- 2013


Lwaki tondiko-2014





Mwana gwe-2016

Bberawo -2017

Biri biri-2018

Hullo hullo-2019

Omwana WA bandi-2017

On my way – 2018

Golola ekubo-2020

Sala pressure -2020.


Teddy Tereza – Saha ft city rock-2015

Science – Saha ft Winnie Nwagi-2016

Vimba – Saha ft gravity omutujju-2014

Swagger – Saha ft gravity omutujju- 2012 

Suzanna -Saha ft shidystlo-2016

Mpa love – Saha ft weasel – 2019

Very well- Saha ft slick Stuart and Roja- 2018

Tamale – King Saha ft pallaso-2014

Nkwagala omu Saha ft navio-2019

One of a kind- Saha ft ak-47

Highlander-Saha ft ak 47


In 2019 news broke that King Saha had impregnated top UPDF General Daughter called Rachel Kente and trouble was knocking at his door. The gorgeous Rachel organized a baby shower for the baby in waiting but King Saha didn’t show up. After giving birth it was rumoured that the talented musician was pressured to move in with the General’s daughter. 

King-Saha attack to Bebe cool
King Saha also said is about to release a song called “Zakayo omuwooza” another attack on Bebecool.

At the beginning of this year, Bebe cool attacked King Saha saying he was a drug addict and if didn’t reduce the rate at which he was abusing drugs he was going to run mad. King Saha responded by saying that Bebecool should act his age and he should also reduce the at which he takes alcohol. 

King Saha continued the attack by saying that Bebe cool only survives on Statehouse money and at the climax of their beef Saha released a song called ssala puleesa which is a direct attack to Bebe cool.

King Saha also said is about to release a song called “Zakayo omuwooza” which is also another attack on Bebecool.

Since the breakthrough of king Saha on the scene of the music industry king Saha has been faced with the challenge of identity and he has been compared to Moses Radio the late.  

After the death of Mowzey Radio, it was rumoured that King Saha together with Weasel stole a hard disk that had Radio’s music. It was also said that “Mpa love “a song between Saha and Weasel was also Radio’s song and was also on the hard disk that disappeared after the death of Mowzey Radio.