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Martha Kagimba, best known as Martha Kay

Who is Martha Kay? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, husband, family, TV career, YouTube, Range Rover girl, net worth, comedy, relationship with Ykee Benda, A Pass, father, mother, work and experience, Tingle Media, early life and education of Martha Kagimba.

Martha Kagimba, best known as Martha Kay is a Ugandan comedian, actress, professional photographer and socialite. She has been featured in various movies like Bed of Thorns, a Nabwiso Film.

She attained fame following her Range Rover video that went viral in 2016. Following this incident, Martha Kay was nicknamed the Range Rover girl.

In the skit, Martha Kay talks about a group of men that almost ran over her with their Range Rover. She was so excited about almost being knocked by an expensive car, which is her dream car. 

Still, in the skit, Martha Kay mentioned that she had plans of buying a Rolex but she reversed the plan because one does not eat a Rolex after colliding with her dream car, the Range Rover.

After uploading the video, she thought it would be one of the videos that would go unnoticed, but she was wrong, it went viral the extra miles and ushered her into the limelight.

Martha Kay has a soft spot for musicians and is so passionate about music, she loves all about music. She’s an introvert, not as talkative as people think.

Early Life and Education

Martha Kay was born in Nairobi Kenya, on May 22, 1995, to Margaret and Jesse Kagimba. However, she grew up in Nakasero, a Kampala suburb.

Martha Kay attended Kabojja Junior School for her primary school, then Namagunga School and Kabojja International School before attending school in Haiti for her A’ level.

After secondary school, Martha Kay got admitted to Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono from where she graduated with a degree in Mass Communication.  

Work and Experience

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Her passion for photography inspired her to study Mass Communications with a focus on photography. FILE PHOTO

Martha Kay is a photographer by profession. She was inspired to do photography by her elder sister. She offered her a camera on her 18th birthday and that was the beginning of her photography career. 

Martha Kay is so passionate about photography that she had to study Mass Communication majoring in photography. She’s also a comedian, actress and social media influencer. 

She helps companies create social media accounts and content to grow their businesses online. For instance, she has been an influencer for Infinix, Aromat, events and certain concerts.

According to Martha Kay, social media that made her was the same phenomenon that broke her. As a result, she’s writing a book detailing her social media journey, the ups and downs and how she’s still standing, smiling and looking cute as well.

Martha Kay then cautioned people joining social media not to expect a smooth ground, there are ups and downs.

Lately, Martha Kay is under the management of Swangz Avenue. Martha Kay runs a photography business under the brand name Tingle Media. 

The studio name was Martha Kay before rebranding it. 

She rebranded it because it was hard for her as people wanted Martha Kay personally to take their pictures, but with Tingle Media, she says clients don’t mind whether it’s Martha Kay or someone else taking their pictures.

Also, at one point in 2017, Martha Kay attempted to abandon her acting career following rumours that circulated and reached her parents that she was a drug addict which wasn’t true. 

In 2019, Martha Kay was the red carpet host of the CIROC-sponsored 2019 Abryanz Fashion and Style Awards (ASFAS) 7th edition that happened at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Religious Affiliation

Martha Kay is a born again Christian. She became born again during her secondary school times.


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There have been rumours that Martha Kay is dating A Pass and Singer Ykee Benda, however, they have denied the allegations. FILE PHOTO

Martha Kay is single and not in any known relationship. She has been linked to singer Ykee Benda and Alexander Bagonza stage name A Pass but they have denied the allegations.

Martha Kay once dated a guy who gifted her a Range Rover car.

However, after a breakup, the man repossessed his car after he found her with another man in the Range Rover he bought at Acacia Mall parking.

Following the embarrassment, Martha Kay vowed to work hard until she owns a Ranger Rover. Range Rover is her dream car.