Who is A Pass?
Who is A Pass?

Who is A Pass? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, Age, music, family, Education and background of Bagonza Alexander.

A Pass Bagonza is one of the best Ugandan Reggae Ragga Dancehall artist and songwriter who was first signed to Badi Music of Bashir Lukyamuzi (a video producer) before he started a solo career. 

Bagonza has done club bangers such as Tuli Kubigere and many more songs which have featured in various international movies and acted as soundtracks. The movie includes Queen of Katwe released in 2017. 

A Pass is behind hit songs like Love affection, memories, Tuli Kubigere. And many more. A Pass states that he gets his stage name from Alexander his last name and Pass comes from his picky nickname Percy. 

Education and background 

Bagonza Alexander alias A Pass was born on 21st December 1989 and he comes from Fort portal which makes him a mutoro by the tribe. 

Bagonza also comes from a family of Mr Ronald Mutabazi who is the father and Mrs Jane Namyalwo who is the mother. He is the second born of the five children and he is the first boy in the family since most of the siblings are girls.

A Pass attended Nakasero primary school and Kampala kindergarten for his primary which are city-based schools and after his primary, he joined Maryland which is a seventh-day advents school which is based in Entebbe for his o level. 

Later joined st Lawrence Cream land campus for his A level before joining the music industry.

Music career 

A Pass Bagonza says his passion and love for music started way back when he was still a kid. 

Bagonza says his father could play music and he could play a lot of the trending hits at a time and this gave him a chance to be exposed to artist’s songs like Shaggy which he could sing word per word without even writing them at his tender age.

His love for music grew when he joined secondary level at Maryland where he started composing his songs and most of them were gospel songs since he was still a born again. 

During this time that he got a first chance of going to the studio with the help of another gospel artist known as Sseku Martin but the unfortunate bit is that they didn’t finish the song because of unclear circumstances so A Pass didn’t get the feel of the studio. 

He could perform his written compositions whenever he got a chance especially at the miming competitions organized at school.  

After his O’level at Maryland, he joined st Lawrence and according to A Pass, this school natured him more because he was more exposed to music and he could sing almost every day because of the nature of the school. 

While at Cream land A Pass connected with Don Mc and they compose songs together for their class and school.

A Pass Bagonza love for music
A Pass Bagonza is one of the best Ugandan Reggae Ragga Dancehall artist.

In 2007 while in his senior five A Pass went back to studio which was called Fairways studio and it was based in Kireka. He recorded songs like Love is a beautiful thing and his friend Don Mc exposed him to producer Imo of South cyde studios. 

He recorded songs like can’t see you; life is getting harder and kiki kyomanyiko. Bagonza had formed a strong musical relationship with Dave Dash and the two did several songs but Dave Dash later changed career and became a radio personality.

In 2011 A Pass Bagonza met a gentleman known as Lukyamuzi Bashir alias Badi who was a video producer. He spotted him while South cyde studios and he started taking him to various studios to record music. 

In 2012 BADI opened up a studio known as BADI MUZIKI to make it easy for Apass to record music any time he feels like recording and also signed Nessim to be the producer of the studio. 

In 2013 they released a song known as Love infection which introduced him to mainstream media and Badi shot the video from Tanzania .he later released another song known as Am loving in which he featured Don mc and Cindy

A pass released Tuli kubigere which was a club banger and was his first hit the video was shot by a Jamaican video producer known as Damain Gyle.

Apass has worked with many producers such as Alex of AIP records from Jamaica, Spyda from Jamaica, Nessim of Badi Muzik, Baru, Just Jose, Nash and many more.

Apass says he drives his inspiration from dancehall, RnB, reggae, hip hop, afro-pop and from artists like Micheal Jackson, Lucky, Dube, and UB40 among others.

Currently, Apass manages himself since he left BADI MUSIC of Lukyamuzi Bashir.


  • HiPipo Music Awards – Best Breakthrough Artist 2014 
  • Buzz Teeniez Awards –Best Breakthrough and Dancehall artist 2014
  • Uganda Entertainment Awards –Best Dancehall Artist 2015
  • Rising star Awards – Breakthrough artist 2015
  • Hipipo Awards – Best zouk song 2016
  • Buzz Teeniez Awards – best male artist, best collaboration, and best riddim 2016.


A Pass Songs

  • Mummy – 2018
  • Mariana- 2017
  • Chupa ku chupa-2019
  • Didadada- 2019
  • Tuli kubigere- 2013
  • Guli wano – 2019
  • Nkwagala – 2019
  • Give me a kiss- 2018
  • Mumpulila- 2015
  • Byange- 2014
  • Run Bou ya- 2014
  • Wyne on time – 2016
  • Ugandan goat- 2016
  • Flavia- 2019
  • Boss lady- 2017
  • So loud- 2016
  • Essawa-215
  • Ku Honda- 2016


  • Memories – Apass ft Lillian
  • Gamululu- Apass ft konshens
  • Turn up vibe – Apass ft Ykee bender
  • Amattu magule- Apass ftTash
  • Nah normal –Apass ft Radio and Weasel 
  • Am loving – Apass ft Don Mc ft Cindy
  • My flair
  • Judas- apass ft panda
  • Midnight drum- Apass ft artists 
a pass bagonza martha kay
A Pass with Martha Kay.


Since Ykee Benda made it to the top he has received several attacks from Apass. A Pass says he mentored Ykee Benda but he didn’t appreciate him but of recent, they teamed up and went to the studio and released a song titled Turn up as a way of burying their grievance.

A Pass has been beefing with Bebe Cool and their relationship has been on and off. A Pass Bagonza attacks Bebe Cool on very many occasions and they once attacked each other with appearing on Spark TVs’ Koona show.

In 2019 penned down an emotional goodbye message to his long time crush Flavia. Apass’s emotional message came after news broke that Flavia Tumusiime had got engaged to a sports journalist known as Andrew Kabura. Flavia responded by saying that Apass is not his type.

Currently, it’s said that A Pass is dating Martha Kay and they are both in love and its one of the reasons why he and Ykee Benda were beefing but it seems Martha Kay opted for Apass.