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Martha Mukisa is a Ugandan singer

Who is Martha Mukisa? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, age, husband, boyfriend, family, songs, net worth, comedy, relationship with Eddy Kenzo, Liam Voice, John Blaq, work and experience, Black Magic Entertainment, early life and education of a Ugandan singer

Martha Mukisa is a Ugandan singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Mukisa does R&B, Afro Pop and Dancehall music. She raised to fame in 2021 following her hit song ‘Sango’ featuring Eddy Kenzo, a Ugandan popular artist.

Mukisa is an obedient, self-disciplined, self-oriented, easy to work with woman, hardworking, happy and a go-getter.

Early Life and Education

Martha Mukisa was born on 24 September 1994 in Kampala, the Capital City of the Republic of Uganda, East Africa. She was born into a Christian family, a Muganda by ethnicity and the last born.

Mukisa attended Kitante Hill School for her primary education, St. Balikudembe SS Mitala Maria and Kyambogo University from where she graduated with a Diploma in Textile Designing and Technology.

She chose Kitante and Mitala Maria because these schools promote children’s music talents. They are a very active school as far as music, dance and drama are concerned. 

Her mother was so supportive of this; she spotted the schools to help nature her daughter’s musical talent.

Even at the time, Mukisa had begun professional singing, her mother could go look for clothes her daughter would use in her videos and do her hair since she’s a hairstylist, including attending her shows.

Music Career

Martha Mukisa began singing professionally in 2015 soon after graduating from the university. She recorded and released her first song ‘Kingereza’. 

Then in 2021, Mukisa raised to fame after her hit song ‘Sango’ featured Eddy Kenzo the famous Ugandan musician.

But her music journey began way back in her primary school; she used to sing both at church and school choir. She was passionate about music since her childhood, she used to sing and dance in the bathroom. 

Later in 2009, Mukisa began active music under Blankets and Wines as an associate act.

Then 2019, Martha Mukisa got signed under Black Magic Entertainment following the departure of John Blaq, their former singer, who was their top musician at the time and this was her turning point, she never looked back. 

Today Mukisa is the Record Label’s biggest artist.

Mukisa is a talented artist who does not conform to a particular musical genre. She can sing Afro Pop, and R&B, among others because she believes; music draws inspiration from things that surround you. 

One of Mukisa’s notable performances’ was at Blanket and Wines with Azawi and Maleek Berry where her performance was applauded by the audience. 

Most of all Mukisa credits her mother who is hardworking and never gives up for inspiring her to follow her dream and her father who loves music passionately in his old age. 

Their support pushes her further to perform great musically

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Recent reports suggested Martha Mukisa was dating Eddy Kenzo and Liam Voice, but she denied the allegations, noting that their only relationship is as friends and music collaborators.


  • Ntibula
  • Neteze ft. Eddy Yawe
  • Busy
  • Drummer ft. Oma Da Pro
  • Nkulinze
  • Ombeledewo
  • Tebatukyawa
  • Sango ft. Eddy Kenzo
  • Come to Mummy
  • Ex Wo


Martha Mukisa is single and not dating any man. Recently she was accused of dating Eddy Kenzo, Liam Voice, rumours she trashed, noting that the only relationship they share with the two is friendship and partners in music. 

According to Mukisa, her major focus, for now, is music.

Net Worth

According to an unofficial report, Martha Mukisa’s net worth is estimated at UGX 79 million, with projected annual revenue of UGX 23 million from music streams and concerts by the end of 2022.

She’s expected to gross over 30 million with all endorsements.

Favourite Meal

Green vegetables, Obutula, Matooke and Chicken Luwombo

Leisure time

Martha Mukisa spends her free time working out, reading books, sleeping, watching movies, and taking juice.