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Who is Mikie Wine?

Who is Mikie Wine? Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, music, wife, family, songs, early life and education of Michael Mukwaya.

Michael Mukwaya professionally Mikie Wine is from a family of prominent Kampala household names like presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine and the Kyaddondo East MP, Chairman Nyanzi, Eddie Yawe and others. 

Early Life and Education

Michael Mukwaya was born in 1989 to the late Jackson Wellington Ssentamu. He was born in a well-known family household in Uganda of 10 and Mikie Wine is the second last born from his mother. 

Later after his mother passed on, Mikie Wine lived a strange life full of hardships. He worked hard alongside his brothers though thanked God for their elder brother Chairman Nyanzi who gave them a big hand.

He later joined Bobi Wine who was paying for his school fees. Bobi Wine was already married to Barbie although it wasn’t legalized yet. 

Mikie testifies living in harmony with Barbie and for a long time because he was well behaved. He, therefore, describes Barbie as a very humble and caring woman.

Mikie said, “Barbie treated me like his first born.”

Michael Mukwaya aka Mikie Wine attended to Modern Primary School and Eagles Nest SS Mengo. He later joined Standard High School, Zana for his advanced level of education.  Mikie joined Makerere University pursuing Bachelors in Music, Dance and Drama but he didn’t complete due to financial issues. 

He went for a dead year, and later joined Kampala International University but still didn’t finish. He decided to join music up to date though he still has hopes of joining campus again to complete his degree.

Music career

Mikie Wine started his music journey in the mid-2000s. He has released hit songs like Sweet Namata, Yanimba featuring Eddy Kenzo and many others. Yanimba marked the beginning of his music journey.

Mikie Wine has for many years worked hard following his Bobi Wine’s footsteps through the music industry to create his niche. He was once in FireBase Band where he moved on to start his crew called Sulubada High School. 

Mikie Wine shows off house
Mikie Wine attaches completion of his house to his sacrifice and maintaining the saving attitude. FILE PHOTO

Mikie Wine songs

  • 2016 – Omwana
  • 2016 – Nenkusaba
  • 2016 – Yanjala
  • Kati Mbu Ki
  • Kitabuse
  • Ontabira
  • 2016 – Tomayo
  • 2016 – Hello 
  • 2016 – Mwali Bana
  • 2016 – Sinyola
  • 2016 – AK Police 
  • 2016 – Dukanako
  • 2016 – Sulubada
  • 2016 – Emelina
  • 2016 – Tonelaga
  • 2016 – Namata
  • 2016 – Wolokoso
  • 2016 – Mjambebe
  • 2016 – Nabbubi
  • 2016 – Fattie Boom Boom
  • 2016 – Lusiya
  • 2017 – Muliro Muliro (remix)


  • 2016 – Jam Jam
  • 2016 – Dukanako
  • 2016 – Pretty Gal
  • 2016 – Nabbubi
  • 2016 – Akaddanyuma


Mikie Wine is happily married to one beautiful woman, Shazyney Khan who is the mother of his child, Ssentamu Mukwaya Dillan. Mikie met and spotted Shazyney while moving around his village.

According to him, convincing Shazyney was hard because she first lied to him about her name and even gave him a wrong number for three weeks.

Mikie Wine says Shazney Khan’s parents didn’t like him so this took him time to convince them that he was a better person for their daughter and he is planning to walk down the aisle. 

He adds that Shazyney’s parents had a misconception about the FireBase crew members. 

Mikie Wine wife attacked
He is happily married to one beautiful woman, Shazyney Khan who is the mother of his child, Ssentamu Mukwaya Dillan.


#1. Mikie Wine beef with Bebe Cool

In an interview with Spark TV, Mikie Wine addressed his stand on their beef with Bebe Cool saying that he has no issues with him but he just disagrees with most of his beliefs and ideologies. 

He also clarified on the relationship between Solomon Kampala, Bobi Wine’s son and Alpha Ssali, Bebe Cool’s son. It was after a photo of the two sons running viral on social media as the two boys were sighted chilling.

He said, “These two boys Solomon and Alpha have been friends since childhood because they went to the same schools. They got used to each other and always met on the daily basis. They have a cordial relationship as they had met at a certain hangout and actually exchanged pleasantries showing that the beef is nothing personal or is it.”

#2. Thieves break into Mikie Wine’s house

According to him, a group of armed thieves broke into his house. He says this horrible moment was quite traumatizing especially for his wife. 

Mikie said that the thieves took money which was to sustain his family throughout the lockdown and the matter is to police.

“This is a depressing morning because at around 3:00 am I was attacked by thieves who broke into my house with pangas. These people woke us up and ordered for silence, they took our phones and all the money we had in the house. Fortunately, they threw the phones at the fence from where they made their exit and took off.” 

Mikie said “Immediately, we contacted police which came about 1hr ago with sniffer dogs but they could not trace the thugs. But they assured that more investigations will be carried out. The thieves took all my money that has been sustaining us throughout the lockdown and no other valuables taken. I also thank God because my family was not hurt but keep us in prayers.”

#3. Mikie Wine arrested after a missing girl

Mikie Wine aka Michael Mukwaya was arrested after a missing girl who was found in his home. This happened after the girl’s parents found out that their child had not been to school for a while and she was sighted around his home. 

The parents reported the matter to the police and upon investigation, it was known that the girl was seen hanging around with Mikie Wine. The police later found the girl with him. 

The police left the matters to be handled between Mikie Wine’s family and the mother of the girl.

#4. Mikie showcases his completed mansion

Earlier this year, Mikie Wine aka Michael Mukwaya revealed that he bought the plot on which his mansion sits now at the time when it was UGX25 million. He so kept on buying more land. 

Mikie Wine attaches completion of his house to his sacrifice and maintaining the saving attitude. He also thanked his wife Shazyney Khan who always took charge of his finances, home and rentals.

“I started constructing my house four years back and it has been so hard to build it. I have kept on and never allowed to give up though at some point, I felt like letting go. At the same time, I said no way because if I left it halfway, I would be taken as a loser therefore by all means, I had to complete it,” said Mikie Wine.