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Mityana Pastor Disappears with Family
Fred Enanga the police spokesperson stated in a statement dated 23rd May 2022 that the Pastor and several of his church members had vanished, including a family of seven. FILE PHOTO

In Mityana, the Territorial Police are investigating the circumstances under which a pastor identified as Kalibala Samuel and several church members disappeared.

The Territorial Police in Mityana is actively investigating circumstances under which one pastor identified as Kalibala Samuel and several church members reportedly disappeared.

In a statement dated 23rd May 2022, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said the Pastor disappeared with several of his church followers including a family of seven members. 

Enanga said it has clocked one week since the group disappeared from public sight with no one informed about their whereabouts and their phones are also switched off.

“It is now 7 days since the Pastor disappeared with the 7 family members who include; Namuwaya Jesca, (the wife to Kintu Sulait), Ssekyewa Shakim, aged 19, Nampeewo Shifrah aged 17, Muteesasira Muhammad aged 10, Ssenabulya Muhammed aged 8, Nakintu Angel aged 4 and Uwuzeeye Mable, who disappeared from their home in Naama Central LCI, Naama Ward, Busimbi Division, in Mityana Municipality.”

“The pastor and his followers locked their homes and have since switched off their known contacts,” Enanga said.

He, however, mentioned that they have commenced investigations into the matter after one of the followers, established contact with one of her daughters whom, she left behind but switched off the phone after.

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“We are meanwhile following leads, after one of the followers, established contact with one of her daughters whom, she left behind. She immediately after switched off the phones and did not reveal her whereabouts,” he said.

In addition, he raised it is very unfortunate that a known Pastor is not transparent as he carries out his day to day duties. Enanga calls on those affected including families of the followers that the perpetrators will be brought to book.

“It is unfortunate that we have a Pastor, who is not transparent in his methods and for using his divine powers, to control his followers. Such conduct has a potential of opening wounds for relatives to missed their loved ones, during the Kibwetere cult saga in Kanungu,” the police spokesperson added.

“We want to assure the families that they should not lose hope as the search is ongoing. We shall trace the secret location, and bring all perpetrators to book. So far 3 accomplices of Pastor Kalibala Samuel, who helped transport the victims have been arrested. These include; Harriet Kajubi, a 53 year old teacher, Nalweyiso Harriet, a 62-year-old midwife and Ssekyewa Shakim, an 18 year old student.”