Moses Golola beats Umar Semata in the kickboxing re-match
Moses Golola beats Umar Semata to near death in the kickboxing re-match

Moses Golola knocked out Thailand based Umar Semata in the third round of the long-awaited kickboxing rematch.

In a fight that took place on 3rd August at the Entebbe Freedom City, the motor-mouthed Golola from the red corner claimed an act of much-desired revenge against the yellow cornered Umar Semata who had beaten him in their first encounter.

On 13th October 2018, Semata stopped Golola’s dominance on local kickboxers after the judges awarded him a victory by anonymous decision. 

Golola who was defeated then said that he didn’t lose the fight because it was not staged according to the agreed-upon instructions of seven rounds instead of five.

Coming into this fight with high hopes of bouncing back from the earlier defeat to the Thailand based fighter, Golola who also sided with promoter Abby Musinguzi (Abitex) gave his fans an evening to remember after he technically knocked out Semata to register a hard-fought victory.

It was a decision from the judges to end the fight after they realised the Semata, who also sided with was concert promoter Balaam Barugahire was unable to continue to the next round.

The judges’ decision followed Semata contesting from the Yellow Corner that he had picked up a knee injury from Golola’s powerful kick.

However, Umar Semata disagreed with the decision insisting that termination of the fight was done in favour of his opponent. He further went on to request for a rematch.

Promoter Balaam, who was also in support of his fighter, called upon the organisers to hire much more experienced judges and referees in the 2nd rematch that he promised will take place in 2020.

Meanwhile, Moses Golola expressed his gratitude toward his fans, organisers among others before revealing that he still has more fights to come.

History – Moses Golola 

Born on 22 May 1980, Moses Golola is a Ugandan self-made celebrity, entertainer, champion kickboxer, actor, philanthropist, businessman and investor known for building his brand.

While his actual accomplishments as a kickboxer have been questioned by the media in Uganda, with accusations ranging from rigged events to outright fraud.

Golola has, nevertheless, been credited with popularizing the sport of kickboxing in Uganda (a discipline which previously generated minimal fan interest in Uganda) and has managed to build up a large fan following in Uganda.

Golola is also known for his humorous personality and flamboyant showmanship, traits which have helped him to popularize the sport of kickboxing in Uganda and helped him to gain a large fan following. 

Profile – Umar Semata

Born on May 20, 1987, Umar Semata is a Ugandan boxer based in Thailand. 

He is a middleweight and super middleweight Muay Thai fighter who is the current World Boxing Council Muaythai Super Middleweight International Champion, a title he has held since 14 June 2013.

By John Dalton Kigozi