MPs demand reduced tax on CCTV cameras
MPs demand reduced tax on CCTV cameras to make it easy for poor Ugandans to easily buy them. File Photo

MPs demand reduced tax on CCTV cameras to make it easy for poor Ugandans to easily buy them

MPs have urged the government to consider reducing taxes on automotive tracking devices and CCTV cameras to make it easy for ordinary and poor people to have easy access to them.

According to them, the market prices for CCTV cameras are too high which makes it hard for the majority of Ugandans to own them in their families and homes.

“The affordability of these cameras is wanting. The locals cannot afford these cameras since they are very expensive due to the taxes that are imposed on them,” Hon. Gaffa Mbwatekamwa (NRM, Kasambya County) implied adding that making cameras affordable would enable locals to afford them thus curbing on the high crime rates.

Last month following the opening of the new camera centre in Naguru, President Museveni indicated that the initiative is aimed at improving the security in the country.

However, speaking that day, Museveni implied that police officers ought to use these CCTV cameras to sense danger earlier and not release the footage after incidents have already occurred.

In so doing Museveni requested his police to desist from their old fashioned ways of catching criminals adding that this is a new era of technology and so they must be dedicated and adjust to being able to deal with circumstances.

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The President also called on common citizens to venture into buying and installing these cameras in their homes to help in reducing the rampant insecurity cases.

However while debating the motion during plenary sitting on Wednesday, 5 December 2019, the legislators admitted that although CCTV cameras are too expensive, they will help in reducing insecurity cases.

“We have had numerous killings of boda boda cyclists and these CCTV cameras can help identify these criminals,’’ Hon. Mbwatekamwa implied.

Meanwhile, Hon. Abbas Agaba (NRM, Kitagwenda County) also supported the initiative urging parents who leave their children with house helpers to consider installing them in their homes to supervise even when they are at work.

“The cameras help in tracking what happens in our homes while the children are with the nannies. It is in line with the government plan of improving the security in the country,” Hon Agaba implied

Hon. Denis Lee Oguzu (FDC, Maracha) however, advised people who consider installing these cameras to put into consideration other’s privacy.

Oguzu who gave an example of people who install CCTV cameras inside shower rooms and toilets added that some of them may use it as an advantage to invade privacy.

“Some people have decided to install these cameras to infringe on others privacy. With the invasion of cameras everywhere how shall we protect individual privacy?”

By John Dalton Kigozi