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The internet has become incredibly affordable, but not everyone can afford it. Luckily, there are ways to access the internet for free. We demonstrate how to share the internet on MTN.

Although the internet has become more affordable, not everyone can afford it. There are many ways to access the internet free of charge, and in this article, we demonstrate how you can share an MTN connection.

This can be accomplished, among other ways, through free Wi-Fi, workplace internet, and internet sharing with friends.

Customers of MTN can purchase and share Internet bundles through the MTN Internet Share service. 

Up to five different individuals from all around the country may share your Internet package.

How MTN internet share works

  • Dial *150*5# and then select option one to choose from the 4 bundles they offer.
  • MTN shared internet bundles include 3GB for UGX20,000, 10GB for UGX50,000, 30GB for UGX100,000, and 170GB for UGX550,000. 
  • These bundles are valid for 30 days only.
  • Dial *150*5# again and choose option 2 in order to add up to 5 MTN users to share your internet with, 
  • To check who you’ve added, select option 3.
  • To remove some of the users you’ve added, select option 4.
  • To check your balance, press *131*4#

Reliable Connectivity with MTN internet

No matter where you are in Uganda, MTN provides 4G (LTE) connectivity to keep you online at the fastest speed possible.

With guaranteed internet connectivity wherever you are and a selection of cost-effective internet bundles to suit you, MTN Internet offers you the most comprehensive internet coverage in Uganda.

Customers are urged to abide by the MTN Internet fair usage policy and the MTN Internet terms and conditions, which are applicable.

For all of your business internet connectivity requirements, including business email, quick web browsing, online meetings, webinars, large file transfers, connectivity for your CCTV security or surveillance, connectivity for your cloud applications, and much more, MTN Internet offers a dependable, quick, unlimited internet connection.