MTN Collections account
With an MTN Collections account, you can secure and conveniently collect payments for your business or shop.

Boost your productivity with MTN Collections, a money collection service for shops and businesses that is secure and convenient.

Get paid securely and conveniently with an MTN Collections account. With the help of this money collection service for shops and businesses, you will be able to increase productivity. 

Give your customers the option to send Mobile Money to your business account simply from anywhere.

An MTN Collections is suitable for common transactions such as paying your child’s school fees, consumer invoice or bill payments, and group savings for investment.

The need for a collection account

A Collections account will enable you to reduce unnecessary delays by allowing clients and partners to send money from anywhere to your business. 

As an account owner, you will be able to transfer money to your bank account and pay employees conveniently from your collections account. You will also be able to pay utility bills or suppliers.

A Collections account also facilitates efficient online account management and transaction tracking.

An overview of MTN Collections

To obtain an MTN Collections account, you will have to register your company.

To enable customers to pay money easily from anywhere, a special Collection Code that doubles as the business’ mobile money account number is activated.

Your business is allowed to have more than one Collections account or code depending on how your enterprise is set up.

The Collections account does not receive any commissions for any type of transaction.

You can view the statements for your previous transactions by visiting the online Mobile Money gateway.

How much does it cost to use MTN Collections?

Depending on the type of payment being made, many payment methods are available when using an MTN Collections account.

2% of the total amount collected from your customers using MTN Mobile Money is deducted from your Collections account.

The customer and the owner of the Collections account will both have to pay the appropriate Mobile Money transaction fees.