MTN MoMo Advance (1)
With this service, MoMo users can receive advance Mobile Money cash to complete MoMo transactions and repay later.

MoMoAdvance, a new overdraft service from MTN MoMo, enables MoMo users to obtain advance Mobile Money cash to complete MoMo transactions and then repay later.

MTN Mobile Money developed a new MTN MoMo overdraft service called MoMoAdvance. This service enables MTN MoMo users to obtain advance Mobile Money cash to complete MoMo transactions and repay later. 

MTN MoMoAdvance, which is available to all MTN MoMo clients, is an extension of their transacting capability, allowing them to continue transacting even when their MoMo has run out within an approved credit limit.

This service is now accessible to MTN customers who have been using Mobile Money for at least six months and have passed credit ratings based on their Mobile Money and other MTN service usage. 

MoMoAdvance is also available to MTN MoMo Agents, Merchants, SMEs, and corporate customers. 

MoMo subscribers can use their MoMoAdvance to send and receive Mobile Money, pay for goods and services via MoMoPay, purchase airtime and bundles, and pay bills such as water, power, and television subscriptions.

Is MTN MoMo advance a mobile money loan?

No. MTN MoMoAdvance is an overdraft service that allows you to increase the amount of money in your MoMo wallet. As a result, you’ll be able to complete more of your daily transactions and pay them back later.

How does MTN MoMo advance work?

MTN MoMo advance works in the following manner: if you want to send someone UGX 20,000 but only have UGX 5,000, MTN mobile money will ask you if you want an additional loan of UGX 15,000, which you can accept to obtain UGX 15,000 cash overdraft. 

The same procedure applies to bill payments as well as payments for goods and services through MoMoPay.

However, you can only send/transact money up to the amount of your MTN MoMo advance limit.

What is the procedure for obtaining an MTN MoMo Advance?

First of all, you must be an MTN customer and must have been registered on Mobile Money for a minimum period of 6 months. Also, you must have passed the credit scoring based on your usage of Mobile Money and other MTN services. 

Follow the steps below to enable you to begin receiving MoMo Advances:

  • Dial *165*5*3#.
  • Accept the terms and conditions by entering your MoMo pin.
  • MoMo Advance limit will be approved and a message with your limit will be sent to your phone.

After this, you will be able to receive MoMo advances when sending money or making bill payments with insufficient balance. 

You can also register for the service using the My MTN app.

What are the terms and conditions of MTN Momo Advances?

You can find the terms and conditions on the MTN website at

Do you have to make a request each time you use the service?

Certainly not. After reading and agreeing with the terms and conditions, you only need to opt-in once. The MoMo Advance service is available until you choose to discontinue it.

What if your registration is unsuccessful?

Continue to use MTN services (MoMo, Data, and Voice) actively to enhance your credit score over time, and in the long run, you will receive positive feedback. 

Is it possible to opt out?

Yes. You may opt out at any time. You must ensure that all outstanding balances are paid before opting out. 

To opt-out, dial *165*5*3# and then pick Option 4.

What is the activation fee for MTN Momo Advance?

It is completely free to activate a MoMo Advance.

However, each time you access the MoMo Advance, you are charged an access fee of 2.75% of the advance amount and a daily interest of 0.5% on any outstanding balance. 

The daily interest is charged at the end of each day that the overdraft is outstanding up to a maximum of 45 days.

Can MTN MoMo agents also access this service?

Yes. MoMoAdvance is also available to MoMo Agents, Merchants, SMEs and corporate users of MTN MoMo among others.

Does the credit limit increase over time?

Once the customer has been approved, their credit limit can be used regularly and can be increased automatically based on how well they pay back their debts. 

There is no need to apply again when you need to use the limit.

Can I load MTN airtime from my MTN Momo advance?

No. MoMo Advance does not support his feature yet.

How is MTN MoMo Advance different from MTN MoKash?

MTN’s MoKash loan facility allows customers to borrow money within their credit limits and pay it back within 30 days as they wish, while MoMoAdvance allows customers to use more money than they have on their accounts. 

And the overdraft amount is automatically deducted the next time a customer gets funds on their MoMo accounts.