Museveni Anti-Corruption walk Kololo
President Museveni confessed that he has never stolen any one’s money for the time he has ruled Uganda. Photo/PPU

President Museveni terms Corrupt officials as parasites and bad investors into the country’s economy during Anti-Corruption walk speech

President Museveni on Wednesday, 4th, December 2019, led the Anti-Corruption walk as announced earlier from the Constitutional Square to Kololo Air Strip at around 8:30 am, purposely to intensify the fight against corruption.

Under the theme: “A corruption-free Uganda; it starts with me.” President who was in the company of the Vice President, Chief Justice, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers, heads of government agencies, Members of Parliament, Members of Civil Society Organisations, Religious Leaders, matching under an army Band arrived at Kololo Air Strip by 9:20 am.

Museveni corrupt officials Anti-Corruption walk3
Museveni’s Anti-Corruption walk ends successfully. Photo/Twitter

Addressing the gathering at Kololo Air Strip, President Museveni revealed that he very well knows the corrupt officials in government one by one. However, he’s still collecting enough evidence pinning them.

“The ones who bribe your people they come and tell me. Only that I don’t have enough evidence to arrest you, but I know many of you who are corrupt. If you see that I am not arresting you, don’t think that you are safe, I am just waiting for enough evidence,” Museveni revealed.

In the same way, President Museveni accused District Officials of not reporting government officials who steal State funds, meant to deliver services to Ugandans.

“The GISO, this man called GISO in the Sub-County, why doesn’t he know that corruption that’s going on in the Sub-County, in the schools, in the health centres,” Museveni wondered.

However, President Museveni in his remarks appealed to government officials not to consider academic papers when recruiting workers but rather honesty and integrity of a person, if corruption is to end in the country.

URA, IGG, the other State House Unit, you should recruit only based on integrity. Leave academic papers to other institutions,” Museveni said.

In his further remarks, President Museveni confessed that he has never stolen any one’s money for the time he has ruled Uganda and if asked, he would be the first to throw a stone at the corrupt officials.

He says he has never taken any bribe neither has he bribed any person, but he’s a rich man.

“Me I have never stolen. But I’m rich, I have never stolen anything from anybody and I am also not a poor man,” Museveni noted.

Continuing, President Museveni described the corrupt officials as parasites, since they steal and eat what they have not worked for. He adds that corrupt individuals are bad investors in the country’s economy.

And according to him, corruption is a spiritual problem and corrupt officials will never succeed in all their endeavours’.

However, the Anti-Corruption walk activity paralysed City Businesses and traffic flow as most roads connecting to the city centre were closed by security which comprised of the army and Police to ensure that the Anti-Corruption walk ends a success.