Museveni commissions MV Sigulu
Museveni made the remarks while commissioning the 300- seater MV Sigulu vessel, the largest passenger ferry on Lake Victoria. PHOTO/NILE POST

While commissioning the MV Sigulu, President Museveni said it’s visible that NRM has done a lot in the last 34 years. 

President Yoweri Museveni said Thursday while commissioning the MV Sigulu, that the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has done more than enough in the last 34 years of governance.

The president made the remarks while commissioning the 300- seater MV Sigulu vessel that will connect Namayingo mainland to Sigulu and Lolwe islands. It is currently the largest passenger ferry on Lake Victoria. 

Museveni said that this in addition to other infrastructural developments including the village roads, markets among others justifies part of NRM’s achievements since they captured power in 1986.

He reminded that several places used to be war zones where he, together with his National Resistance Army fought for power in 1986 but now they are development areas.

“I can see the former war zones are now development areas. Wherever I go, things are new. There are new roads in Karamoja, Teso, West Nile, Acholi and Lango,” Museveni said.

“The other day I was in Bugisu commissioning the Mbale -Lwakhakha where we had a fight with Amin people in 1973. Today I was in Namayingo but I also drove on a very good road from Busia to Musita where we fought with Amin soldiers.”

The president also said that whatever the NRM party has promised to deliver over the years, it has surely done so. He said that he enjoys touring around the country to glance at these advancements.

“These days I am really enjoying myself and praising God but also using this time to tell the young people the value of commitment. Wherever I go, I am in two capacities; as a former rebel and now as the leader of the people developing these areas,” Museveni added.

“That is the story of the NRM. Once we promise, we deliver on the promise. During that time(1986), we had a plan to fight and win, we fulfilled it. I am now, here to help people cross the lake peacefully.”

He further cited that it is because of such developments that investors have also fallen in love with Uganda to come and invest their wealth. 

museveni 300- seater MV Sigulu vesse
Meet the 300- seater MV Sigulu vessel, the largest passenger ferry on Lake Victoria.

Museveni said that before, the government was in charge of introducing businesses but now many investors have established job creating opportunities for the local citizens.

“Jesus said a hired shepherd can’t defend sheep when a wolf comes. He just runs away and the wolf eats the sheep but the owner of the sheep defends them even if it means to die. We, therefore, realized that the concept of government doing business was like a hired shepherd. We said it was not wise for government to do business,” the president noted.

“We then got flooded with foreign direct investments because they realized it was easy to do business in Uganda. These provide jobs to Ugandans but also pay taxes that we have enough money to do everything we want.”