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Uganda: Man nailed through both his hands for supporting NRM Party, Police starts investigations

Police in Kawempe Division is investigating circumstances under which a man was attacked by two unidentified men who pinned 6-inch nails in his hands for allegedly being a supporter of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Baker Kasumba, 21 was nailed in the hands by yet to be identified people around Kalerwe for wearing a yellow beret, which is commonly worn by NRM party activists.

Police reports indicate that Kasumba a resident of Avis Kavulu yesterday, left his workplace at Jesco Ham shopping centre heading home but he realized he had spent some time without visiting his mother and decided to go and check on her.

According to Police, Kasumba who was clad in an NRM party cap took a shorter route through Kalerwe but was intercepted at the flyover by two men who hit him on the head, grabbed him and nailed him with six inches’ nails.

In a statement which he recorded at Kibe Police Post in Kalerwe, Kasumba noted that attackers joined his hands together, placed his yellow beret in between and then used a hammer to drive the nails through his hands.

Kasumba was saved by two women who saw what was happening and made an alarm that compelled the suspects to flee the scene.

The scene of the crime is about 30 metres away from Kibe Police post.

However, he claimed that a few days earlier, a man threatened him at his workplace to stop supporting the NRM and President Museveni. He, therefore, suspects the same man could have planned with others to harass him.

“We shall not accept this kind of political intimidation and whoever is using it should desist from it. We condemn the attack in the strongest term it deserves,” a statement from police read condemning the act before adding that they have started their search for culprits.

Currently, Baker Kasumba is receiving treatment from Mulago National Referal Hospital where he was rushed after the incident.

“He is currently on treatment in Mulago, but out of danger,” Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said.

Of recent, the public has raised strong grievances towards NRM governance.

The party’s representatives and members have been subjected to hate and harsh treatment from the public but there is still no confirmation whether the act was attributed to this.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) was founded as a liberation movement that waged a guerrilla war through its rebel wing National Resistance Army that toppled the government in 1986.

By John Dalton Kigozi