Museveni bans Private and Public Cars
President Museveni: Not Wise to Allow Private and Public Cars Now. FILE PHOTO

President Museveni address on COVID-19: It is unwise to allow private and public cars resume operations now

President Museveni has said there is no chance public and private cars will be allowed to operate any sooner as a result of the risks attributed to them.

While addressing the nation yesterday on the next course of action in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, Museveni said for now the public and private means of transport will remain on a pause save for those transporting essentials.

Museveni explained that allowing them to resume operations poses threats of transmitting the virus to others who might be safe in case one or two people travelling by the same car or taxi are infected with the virus.

“It is not wise for public or private transport to start operating yet. We shall not allow them now unless they are for essential services,” President Museveni said while easing the lockdown for the next 14 days.

Under the new eased measures, President Museveni allowed hardware, warehouse and wholesale shop owners to reopen and resume their operations. He said restaurants should also resume operations but offering only takeaway services.

Museveni bans Private and Public Cars
President Museveni: Not Wise to Allow Private and Public Cars Now. FILE PHOTO

On the question of how they will access their shops, Museveni advised all the shop owners in the above category to walk to and from work or preferably use bicycles which he said are not only safe but also very healthy.

Relatively, the President said that companies and organizations can arrange designated modes of transport inform of buses specifically to ferry their workers to and from work.

Museveni explained that since these companies know their workers, they can easily transport them to their homes and pick them the next day.

“The safeguard here is that these workers are known, and they can be traced to their homes. That’s why this is a manageable risk,” Museveni said.

He added; “But this means that the worker, once you are at home, you must stay at home and also do the same while at work because we want to know your contacts easily.”

Meanwhile, the President thanked Ugandans for their concerted efforts in controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

He said Ugandans have been very compliant to all directives imposed by the government since March when the virus first broke out and now the results are visible.

“I salute you again on account of what you have done. We have avoided images of coffins and coffins and coffins – as we have seen abroad.”