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8 Best restaurants in Uganda: Cafe Javas, Urban Pizza, KFC, Food Hub and more. Photo/Flash Uganda Media

Kampala is one city that is well known for its best restaurants in Uganda, you can’t fail to locate one just in case you are in need.

A look at the 8 best restaurants in Uganda which you must visit before 2019 ends. Food is a huge part of our life because wherever you go, you must eat. It’s not negotiable. 

Kampala is one city that is well known for its best restaurants in Uganda, you can’t fail to locate one just in case you are in need.

Uganda is an agricultural state, and when it comes to food, you’ll have plenty of it. It’s cheap thus giving a chance to eat what you feel like, it’s usually a balanced diet of all kinds of foods. 

Different people visit these restaurants to explore their menus which are composed of international foods like Chinese, Italian, Indian, French, Belgian, Goan as well as the Turkish Mediterranean foods.

Some local people visit these places to enjoy and as well find out how these dishes are prepared. In the menu, snacks and ice cream are a must.

Uganda has a lot of interesting dishes unique to the region and very diverse in its most celebrated restaurants like Café Javas, 2K restaurant, food hub, KFC and many others.

At these restaurants, several dishes are served during breakfast, lunch and dinner which include Katogo, Muchomo, Luwombo, TV chicken among several others.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different dishes that are offered at different restaurants around town.

  • 2K Restaurant

2K restaurant is one of the leading restaurants selling local foods like Matooke, rice, gnuts but most known for offering a local dish known as Luwombo. 2K beats most of the restaurants when it comes to cooking Luwombo.

Luwombo or Oluwombo is a traditional Ugandan dish. It is both a royal dish cooked especially during the holidays and a fairly common dish. It is said to have been created in 1887 by the personal chef of Kabaka Mwanga, a king who ruled the kingdom of Buganda at the end of the 19th century.

The dish consists of beef or chicken with vegetables like potatoes and carrots, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection with just the right amount of salt, oil and spices.

For many reasons, including how it is served, it is considered a special dish; wrapped in leaves as a gift. Smoked fish is added to the beef/chicken in some variations.


How can your weekend and holidays be complete without a bite of Pizza Hut famous pizza dishes? The unimaginable cheese melting in the mouth with a great taste. 

Pizza Hut is probably one of the leading pizza delivering restaurants with different branches around Kampala which include Pizza Hut Banda, Muyenga, Kisementi, Bugolobi and Pizza Hut Entebbe.

pizza hut restaurant Kampala
Pizza Hut restaurant Kampala

When you land in Kampala, one of the favours you can do for yourself is a Pizza from the kings of Pizza.

Pizza Hut also serves a Pizza, Chip and a bottle of soda for lunch at as low as 16,500 shillings only.


Months Urban Pizza launched in Kampala serving pizza and other items at a reasonably low price compared to other suppliers.

It obtained several customers most especially university students at Makerere University who flood their premises at Makerere Hill road in Wandegeya next to Total Uganda.

Urban Pizza also became a darling to campus students because of its buy one get one promotion that has been running for a while.

Urban Pizza is easy to access and provides the best pizza you will ever think of. Reach them on 0414-533381 or 039 -2- 002160


Whenever you think about having lunch meals, first place in mind should be Café Javas, home of best meals around Kampala.

Café Javas is a town restaurant having various branches in Kampala, Entebbe and another in Nairobi Kenya serving first-class meals (your best choice) you have ever thought of.

Café Javas operates various branches in Kampala, including Café Javas Kira road, Boulevard Kampala street, Bombo road, Oasis mall, Cargen House, Nakawa, and Namirembe lane. All these branches offer excellent services, great attention for clients you ever needed.

cafe javas restaurant Kampala
cafe Javas restaurant Kampala

They serve different dishes 24 hours which include Salads, Sandwiches, Gourmet Burgers, Big meals, Curries, Pasta, Mex-fix, and Kids among others.

Visit any branch of Café Javas for the best experience and great meals.


If we do not talk about Java House, then we would not be talking about restaurants in Uganda. Java House is a continental restaurant with wings in different countries like Kenya, Uganda and others.

In Uganda, Java House restaurant occupies space at Acacia Mall, Lugogo Bypass, Village mall, Jinja among others specializing in the sale of fast foods and other local foods.

For a better experience, you need to pass by any branch of Java House or reach them on +256-751933760 or visit Java House for more exciting deals.


What about being spoilt by fish, Nile perch and other products from the lake. What about when you join the rest to ‘balance the boat’ at the number spot for all fish products.

Go Fish is the restaurant every fish lover talks about and they are planning to expand to different areas around town and other areas. Go for a fish that will kill hunger. Visit any GO Fish outlet or restaurant.


Maybe we shouldn’t be discussing food if Food Hub didn’t make it to the Ugandan market. The food hub is mostly an online platform that provides different dishes both local and exotic depending on the choice. But let’s talk about the Food Hub’s Katogo.

Katogo is usually a breakfast dish, although at any time of the day it can be enjoyed. The dish is soup fried plantains and eaten with typical vegetables, whether beef, beans or offal. If you walk into a restaurant at 9 am wondering what the irresistible aroma is, they’re most probably serving katogo.

Though considered unconventional to the rest of the world, a heavy breakfast is like this is most popular in Uganda is a great hangover remedy just in case you’ve been exploring the nightlife. Food Hub has mastered this; follow them on social media for better and exciting deals.

  • KFC

From Kentucky, KFC found its way to the Ugandan market years ago and it became the giant chicken provider in the provider. With several branches around Uganda like Lugogo, Entebbe, Acacia, Bukoto among others, KFC designed a delivery app for its customers to be able to access chicken at any time depending on the desires of the customer.

Their chicken is not only yummy; KFC also adds several other items like free drinks and also rewards its loyal customers.

kfc restaurant Kampala
Kfc restaurant Kampala

The list of best restaurants in Uganda which provides high-class services and products is endless, among others include Chicken tonight with branches in Wandegeya, Ntinda and others.

Mr Tasty chicken is also a restaurant worth mentioning located in Ntinda town.

Fodor’s highlighted Uganda as one of five dream destinations in the 2019 issue of Trazee Travel, alongside French wine country, Antarctica, Machu Picchu, and Finland. But maybe they forgot to mention the yummy foods prepared in Uganda.

In case you have a trip in the pearl do not hesitate to order a meal on any of the above restaurants above.

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