Kenzo releases a WhatsApp conversation Rema
Kenzo gives Ex Rema assurance in her new relationship with Sebunya in a leaked WhatsApp conversation. File Photo

Eddy Kenzo has released a screenshot of his WhatsApp conversation with his former girlfriend Rema Namakula.

In the WhatsApp conversation, there was a clear indication that Eddy Kenzo still loves Rema despite what happened between them.

In the conversation, the two talked about their children’s education and Rema’s move to marry Dr Hamza Sebunya.

Rema officially informed Kenzo that she found a serious man and they are soon legalising their relationship.

“I’m hoping all is well. I’m here to inform you that I finally got into a serious relationship and I’m soon moving forward with legalizing our union. I felt I should inform you personally,” Rema said.

“I would understand if you want us out of the house. I was also wondering if I should change the kids’ schools but they are doing their final years in these schools… but kyonna kyosalawo kyetujja okugenderako. Meanwhile, thank you for allowing us to stay in the house for all these two years after you left. Bless you.”

Kenzo later congratulated Rema once again for finally getting a husband like Dr Sebunya, however, he said he still loves Rema and forever.

“We are one Rema just know. shit happened but I have you at heart, forever family Mashallah and everything will be fine, tell your man not to be scared of me I really understand every moment, congratulations once again my best friend I’m happy for you dear.”

“I’m happy for you maama Aamal I think you know how much I love you as a person I will always be there for you we are family for life Good luck in your new chapter Mashallah. About the house take your time till you feel you need to go. For the kids let them finish exams then will start next year, the first term at Tawhid Insallah,” he added on the WhatsApp conversation. 

He went ahead and said that his problem is not with Rema but rather with Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte.

Who made humiliating remarks against him during Rema Kukyala ceremony held on the 9th of October, 2019, in Naguru, a Kampala suburb at late Godfrey Mabirizi’s home.

Kenzo Rema leaked Whatsapp
Kenzo Rema leaked WhatsApp
Kenzo loves Rema whatsapp

Among the remarks, the director of Dawa in Uganda said that Kenzo ignored and took Rema’s love for him for granted and now she’s taken up by someone who values her love.

He said the two lived together for long, but Kenzo had no intentions of marrying Rema, which was wrong according to the Islamic faith.

Muzaata went ahead and told Kenzo to go and marry his mother, if all he wants is to wait until a woman turns her mother’s age, before arranging marriage ceremonies.

Also, he allegedly accused Kenzo of being a gay, because he wears ear pins, statements Kenzo says have made him spend sleepless nights.

As a result, Kenzo vowed not to sing again on Ugandan stages, not until Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte, recalls his weird statements against him.

After, Kenzo also in a social media post, announced that he’s coming back to Uganda in a short while and demonstrate against Muzaata’s insults over him, his career and his late mother.

He said the strike will involve spending day and night outside Kibuli Mosque indefinitely until Muzaata apologises to him.

“I’m coming back and I will be sleeping outside Kibuli Mosque until I see Mr Muzaata. Njagala ampowe ne maama wange,” Kenzo noted.  

Rema and Kenzo had a five-year relationship, in which the two have a baby girl named, Aamal Musuuza. After some time, the two separated, Kenzo moved out of the house in Seguku in which the two lived.

And started living in his Studio house in Makindye, for two good years, Rema was alone in the house as Kenzo was busy with his musical trips.

Today, Rema Namakula with her fiancée Dr Hamza Sebunya, a gynaecologist based in Mulago hospital has already completed the first step into marriage.

And now awaits the grand occasion that’s the introduction ceremony (Kwanjula), that will happen next month at Nabingo, along Masaka road.