Why Museveni replaced Gen Sabiiti with Lokech
Museveni warns police officers, says: "I will not tolerate those who cannot work''. FILE PHOTO

Museveni among other changes replaced the Deputy Police boss, Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeyi with Maj Gen Paul Lokech.

Following the latest reshuffles in the police, President Yoweri Museveni has explained his decision to make the changes citing that many of them had lost track.

Earlier this week, Museveni among other changes replaced the Deputy Police boss, Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeyi with Maj Gen Paul Lokech, who has been on a special assignment to monitor the demobilization and integration of South Sudan troops.

Also, Gen Sabiiti was sent to the Military headquarter for redeployment while Maj Gen James Birungi replaced Maj Gen Lokech.

In other changes, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the senior presidential advisor on Special Operations was also appointed as the Commander Special Force Command, a specialized command unit of the UPDF, that is responsible for the security of the President of Uganda, his immediate family, the constitutional monarchs and vital national installations, including the country’s oil fields.

Lt Gen Kainerugaba replaced Maj Gen Birungi who has been SFC commander since June 2019 when he was appointed. The President also re-appointed Martin Okoth Ochola as Inspector General of Police (IGP).

However, while addressing NRM leaders on Friday, Museveni who was first to defend the reshuffle said that many of the officers had lost track of how to work and needed to be changed.

“Police had died. They had got some weevils and I made some changes. For the Police, I have told them I won’t tolerate this nonsense anymore. Anyone who can’t defend the people should go home and rear goats,” Museveni said.

Also, he said the officers were operating contrary to what was expected of them which influenced him to appoint those who are willing to defend the lives of Ugandans.

The reshuffle comes at a time when the President has in the past few weeks continued to raise complaints to the police of how they handled the November Free Bobi Wine protests that claimed lives of over 50 people.

Many inside sources have also pointed to the scenes as one of the things that prompted the President to make the reshuffles.

Why Museveni replaced Gen Sabiiti with Lokech
Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba (Left) re-appointed as the Commander Special Force Command, and Gen Sabiiti (Right) who was replaced by Maj Gen Paul Lokech. FILE PHOTO

Meanwhile, the NRM president was holding his scientific campaigns in areas of Bunyoro sub-region in Kibaale District. He urged Ugandans to continue trusting in the NRM party because it has brought not only peace but economic developments countrywide.

“The gist of my message was that the wisdom and policies of the NRM government have made Uganda one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We have emphasized unity, peace, enacted pro-private sector policies and built a strong army,” Museveni said.

“Before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit Uganda in March 2020, the economy was on an impressive growth path. GDP growth was at 6.5% in FY2018/19, 0.3 percentage points higher than the growth registered in FY2017/18 – (UBOS, July 2020). The NRM is therefore the most suitable party to concretize this growth trend.”