Museveni To Receive Two New CRJ 900 Bombardier Planes On Tuesday Next Week

It has been confirmed that president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will receive two new CRJ 900 Bombardier planes on Tuesday 23rd April 2019, at 9am and not in the afternoon as previously communicated, at Entebbe International Airport.

State Minister for Transport Aggrey Bagiire, while at the Parliamentary Committee on Physical Infrastructure led by Robert Ssekitoleko, informed MPs that the two planes which were already handed over to Uganda government on Tuesday evening in Canada, will revive the operations of Uganda National Airlines in the region.

These Officials from both Uganda National Roads Authority and the Uganda Road Fund, led by Minister Bagiire, while at the parliamentary Committee on Physical Infrastructure, defended their ministerial budget policy statement for the financial year 2019/2020, tabled early before the Committee as well.

“The planes will be in the country on Tuesday 23 April 2019, and so allow me at this point say that the jets are coming, but the time has changed, because the head of State will be available at 9am in the morning,” said Bagiire State Minister for Transport.

Bagiire also made it clear before the Committee, that Uganda National Airline will be taking full responsibility as far as ground handling for all flights at Entebbe International Airport is concerned.

MPs seek own ground handling services for Uganda Airlines

However, legislators have requested government to set up better grounds handling arrangements as it prepares to unveil the new Uganda National Airlines.

Hon Michael Mawanda, Igara East MP, requested Ministry of Transport to present the companies record which will be carrying out services of Bombardier planes after landing at Entebbe International Airport.

Aggrey Bagiire, State Minister for Works and Transport following the request lined up the companies including National Aviation Services (NAS), former Entebbe Handling Services, Fresh Handling and DAS.

Bagiire adds that it will be upon the preserve carrier to choose who to take on the services including fuelling, catering, cleaning and handling services.

“It’s upon the companies that land in Entebbe to choose who handles them. It is not CAA that directs. When it comes to handling the fresh goods like vegetables and flowers that is a preserve of fresh handling. But DAS and NAS are handling all the other companies that land at Entebbe.”       

 In addition; Bagiire says cabinet decided that Uganda Airlines take up “Self-handle” but the challenge is that they have limited resources to procure the necessary equipment.

Meanwhile, Bagiire says Uganda Airline will be utilizing the current ground handling firms in place.

“So if government can give us money, we can even start tomorrow. But since we do not have money as of now, we have decided that the company can now go into an arrangement with any of the service providers at the Airport for a period of time until we have our own equipment,” Bagiire explaining.

Buliisa county MP, Hon Stephen Mukitale Birahwa made demands including setting up extensive master plan on ground handling to prevent the previous errors experienced, that led to the Uganda Airline down fall.

While Abraham Byandala holds on that, Uganda Airlines takes on full management of ground handling services.

In the ministerial statement for financial year 2019/2020, ground handling proposed budget was shs32 billion.

CRJ900, Bombardier planes are fitted with atmosphere Cabin and is the first one in the region and Africa at large.

Uganda Airlines is believed to boost Uganda’s trade and tourism industry when it begins its operations.