Museveni on Oulanyah’s Death God Only Calls Africans (1)
Yoweri Museveni has asked why Africans are still dying at very young ages and said that proper investigations must be conducted to determine where these deaths are coming from because they are not natural. PHOTO/TWITTER

The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, said proper investigations should be done to find out why Africans continue to die at very young ages, noting that they are not natural deaths.

President Yoweri Museveni has questioned why Africans continue to die at very early ages saying that proper investigations should be done to determine the cause of these deaths because they are not natural.

Museveni made the remarks while eulogising Oulanyah at the national vigil of the fallen Speaker held at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala on Wednesday.

He said most deaths on the African continent are not planned by God because they keep happening at the early stages of people’s lives yet in countries like Japan, the life expectancy lies at 79 years.

“This business of God has called him. Why does God call only Africans? The average life expectancy of Japanese is 79. Why doesn’t he call Japanese? It is not God calling these Africans. We must look at the causes of these deaths,” Museveni said.

He raised that Oulanyah’s death came so soon at a time when he still had a lot to add to the nation. Museveni said that, on top of being a committed cadre, he played a major role in uniting the people of northern Uganda who had been messed up by bad politics.

“Losing Oulanyah is a big loss. He was coming up and we were going to get a lot of benefits from him. He had already done a good job in uniting Northern Uganda. Northern Uganda had been messed up by bad politics.” 

“I want to salute Oulanyah and commend him to you. I dont want to hear this ‘Northern’. Oulanyah was not a speaker for the North but for Uganda. When you hear them say, ‘Northern’, tell them to shut up,” Museveni raised.

The president, however, regretted the death of the former Speaker saying that had he known earlier about his worrying health state, he would not have allowed him to continue serving in such a very demanding position.

Museveni told mourners that the late Oulanyah became too busy with issues of national politics while seeking to retain his Omoro County seat, and also canvassing for support for the National Vice Chairperson of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party for Northern Uganda.

During the same time, he had also expressed a desire in contesting as Speaker for the 11th Parliament forcing him to pay less attention to his health until when the situation was beyond repair.

“He was involved in all the politics in Omoro, CEC etc, If I had known, I would have told him to concentrate on his health. That speakership is very dangerous, sitting there the whole day. You shouldn’t accept that if you have some health issues. Health is a weapon.

“If you are fighters for Africa, you must pay attention to health because you must use it to fight for Africa. That is why I discourage people from taking alcohol. It is not good for your health,” Museveni added.