president museveni Oulanyah was killed
The President made the remarks on Friday during a special sitting of parliament to elect the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, has warned those making false allegations about Jacob Oulanyah’s death that the police will call them to account.

President Museveni has warned people who are making allegations about what killed the former Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah saying that they will be called to explain by the police. 

“I would like to warn people who use hard situations to do cheap politics. I hear them saying Oulanyah was killed. You will be called to the police to explain because you know,” Museveni said adding that the Speaker died in a reputable hospital.

“Oulanyah died in a reputable hospital. For somebody who is educated to claim. You must come to police and explain. We cannot continue with this indiscipline,” he added.

Museveni made the remarks on Friday during a special sitting of parliament to elect the Speaker and Deputy Speaker. 

In a voting exercise presided over by Chief Justice Owiny Dollo, Hon Anita Among was named new Speaker of the 11th Parliament after garnering 401 votes against 66 votes attained by Opposition’s Asuman Basalirwa. 

For the deputy Speaker position, Thomas Tayebwa garnered 379 votes beating Opposition’s Moses Okot p’Bitek on 82 votes.

Speaking about the victory of the two, Museveni challenged them both to work towards ensuring a united parliament, one that will bring forth ideas to elevate Ugandans out of poverty.

“Now to the Honourable Members of Parliament, whether you are in the Opposition, NRM or in the Army, in order for us to succeed as a country, you must work for the people. You all know how we can get our people out of poverty but you keep meandering in other things,” Museveni said.

He, however, implored them not to go on merry making about their victories saying that the country is still mourning the death of the fallen Speaker, Oulanyah.

“Don’t go and celebrate. What we have done is an abomination but we had to follow the constitution. I urge you not to go around celebrating. We are mourning and actually, this election should not have happened but the law required so. It is madness to have this election when Oulanyah is not buried. People can think we are witches,” he implored.

“In Ankole it is a serious abomination to conduct activities of this nature while mourning. I call upon the stakeholders to look into this law critically with the aim of making it better. I think the political leadership has to do what the Banyankole call Okuhonga (pay a fine). The Banyankole would be scandalized if they saw what we are doing now,” added.