Oulanyah Takes on Kadaga
While appearing on NBS TV's Frontline Programme yesterday, Jacob Oulanyah said the allegations are false. FILE PHOTO

Earlier this week, Kadaga accused Oulanyah of running away from the age limit debate that happened before the elections.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah has rubbished allegations from his boss, Rebecca Kadaga that he runs away every time there is a stiff bill to pass in Parliament.

Earlier this week, the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga accused Oulanyah of running away from the age limit debate that happened before the elections.

Kadaga made the statements to several MPs who formed an audience during the launch of her third term speakership bid at Speke Resort Munyonyo on Wednesday.

“First of all, it started when I was out of the country, I was in America, then on my way back I stopped in the UK to go with the Teso who had invited me to speak to the diaspora there, while I was there my Deputy (Oulanyah) rings me saying there is something he cannot handle, he told me to come back immediately because it was urgent, he said he could not handle the age limit debate,” Kadaga said. 

However, while appearing on NBS TV’s Frontline Programme yesterday, Jacob Oulanyah said the allegations are false. He said he has never run away or even rang Kadaga for help on how to deal with issues to do with bills.

“I actually don’t have a problem with Kadaga but we just have a problem with how we do work,” Oulanyah said.

“I heard that I made a call to the Speaker and told her, “Mummy come and rescue me.” I had a meeting with the Speaker that day and we discussed that I postpone the debate on the age limit. I did not run, I have dealt with more difficult situations,” Oulanyah added.

He, however, spoke about the increasing levels of corruption in the country. Oulanyah said many government leaders constantly talk about corruption but do not devise actions on how to stop it.

speaker Kadaga Says Oulanyah
Kadaga said that every time there is a stiff bill that needs to be passed in Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah will seek hiding. FILE PHOTO

The deputy speaker cited an example of how the parliament operates. He disclosed that every time proposals are raised questions start to rise whether the proposals are focusing on the priority sector or investment minded.

“The challenge we have here is that we make too many compromises. If only President Museveni would crack the whip! This would stop. The amount of money that gets lost in government. For now, it is freehold, people take what they want. We are talking about corruption but not taking action,” Oulanyah disclosed.

“What we do in Parliament, for example, proposals are brought and then you starting questioning are they really focusing on the priority sector, is it an investment budget, is it going to help revive the economy and the answer most of the time is no.”