Buganda responds to CJ Dollo's wicked claims on the Kabaka
Buganda Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga.

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi was not transported in a presidential jet when he was being treated in Germany, according to the Buganda Kingdom.

Buganda Kingdom Friday refuted allegations that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi was flown in a presidential jet at the time he was transported to Germany for treatment. 

The reaction by the Kingdom comes days after the Chief Justice, Alphonse Owiny Dollo, was quoted to have said that the Kabaka was at one time flown abroad in a presidential jet.

Dollo who made the remarks while addressing mourners at the late Jacob Oulanyah’s home in Muyenga earlier this week also said Baganda are a wicked ethnic group because of comments he says they raised about the Speakers’ death.

The CJ’s claims stemmed from the fact that many individuals on social media have been questioning why government repeatedly continues to export prominent figures to western countries for treatment rather than improving the health facilities around the country.

On this, many were also quoted saying that taxpayers’ money was wasted in treating and transporting Oulanyah to the United States yet he still died.

Dollo who was quick to bring some of these comments to the public light said they were raised by the Baganda but said when the Kabaka was bedridden with allergy, he was also transported to Germany in a presidential jet but no Muganda came out to criticise the act yet the trip was also funded by government funds. 

“But you, you, you who were demonstrating… your ethnic leader was transported in a presidential jet to Germany using private funds he was not entitled. You did not demonstrate,” Dollo said. 

“Is it because Oulanyah is an Acholi? Is it because Oulanyah doesn’t speak your language? Only a wicked person can fight a person who is fighting for his life,” he added.

However, in the light of events, Buganda Kingdom has responded to these allegations calling them false. According to the Buganda Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga, the Kabaka used the KLM plane and not the presidential jet as claimed.

The Katikkiro in addition urged Ugandans to show respect to the dead and mourners at such a trying time and resist raising statements that will cause more grief to the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased.

“Death causes shock, grief and anguish and it often makes emotions run high. However, just for the record, when the Kabaka flew to Germany in August, 2021, he didn’t fly by the presidential jet but by KLM,” Mayiga said.

“The kingdom of Buganda joins all Ugandans in mourning the untimely death of the Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah who was a consummate politician and legislator,” he added further.