Rawangyezi Stephen founded the Ndere Troupe (1)
Stephen Rawangyezi founded the Ndere Troupe in 1986 as part of his cultural development efforts. This group is based at the Ndere Centre, which also houses the Uganda Development Theatre Association's office. FILE PHOTO

If you are visiting Uganda, the Ndere Cultural Centre is an excellent place to learn about Africa’s diverse cultures and traditions.

When in Uganda, the Ndere Cultural Centre is an excellent place to learn about some of Africa’s diverse cultures and traditions.

The term ‘endere’ translates as ‘flute,’ and thus the Ndere Troupe translates as Flute Troupe.

The flute was chosen as a symbol of beauty because it produces such lovely and irresistible music that can be used to express a range of emotions, from sorrow to joy, and from love to loneliness.

Additionally, it symbolizes universal unity, as every culture on Earth has a flute. The flute is comparable to the blood that flows through our bodies regardless of our external differences. 

The Ndere Troupe takes pride in emphasizing commonalities and embracing diversity.

Rawangyezi Stephen founded the Ndere Troupe in 1986 as cultural development. This group is based at Ndere Centre, which houses cultural information as well as the Uganda Development Theatre Association’s headquarters.

The Ndere Cultural Centre is situated on nine acres of well-kept green space with beautiful flowering walkways that are shaded by a variety of fruit and other African trees.

The exceptional architecture is a seamless synthesis of artistic creativity and simplicity that elevates African forms, materials, colours, and construction to new heights. 

You can do the following at the Centre:

  • View a variety of artworks while taking in the tranquil setting.
  • Host your event; social gatherings, corporate receptions, conferences, and workshops, among others.
  • Receive spacious lodging for individuals, couples, families, and groups.
  • Have great meals at the spacious restaurant which offers a diverse menu.

The centre is home to the renowned Ndere Troupe, dubbed ‘Uganda’s cultural ambassadors. 

This award-winning group has been gracing stages with cultural performances for over two decades. Their energetic folk dances and songs are from across Uganda. 

The performances bring Ugandan culture to life and serve as an educational experience – as well as a visual treat.

Additionally, the Ndere Cultural Centre, conveniently located on Kampala’s Ntinda-Kisaasi Road, serves an excellent Ugandan buffet and barbeque.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 7 pm, and Sundays at 6 pm, the centre and its resident troupe Ndere Troupe captivate you with amazing cultural songs, dances, and one-of-a-kind instruments from the 56 nationalities (tribes), weave them into humorously informative stories and present them in an authentic but artistically developed spectacle. 

This is an experience not to be missed by the entire family. 

This is the best introduction to Africa’s culture and way of life for international visitors to Uganda, as well as a strong connection to your own country and culture.

uganda ndere cultural centre (1)
Ndere Cultural Centre is a great place to learn about some of Africa’s diverse cultures and traditions when in Uganda. PHOTO/START JOURNAL

Entry fees

  • Children aged 3 to 12 pay 25,000/= or $8
  • Adults in the United States pay 45,000/= or $15
  • Adults from other countries pay 80,000/= or $25


The dancing encyclopedia of Ndere Troupe

Because written words did not exist in Africa historically, Africa’s cultural history literature, knowledge, and wisdom were recorded and passed down through the performing arts, music, dance, storytelling, and poetry.

The Ndere Troupe takes pride in education and the preservation of African heritage. 

They perform a repertoire of over 40 authentic Ugandan dances and songs accompanied by a variety of indigenous percussive, string, and wind instruments. 

The Troupe is involved in a variety of projects aimed at educating African generations about traditional entertainment and at disseminating knowledge about contemporary issues such as modern farming techniques and HIV/AIDS.

Cultural Ambassadors of Uganda

For nearly 25 years, the multi-award-winning Ndere Troupe has graced stages with high-quality performances that have garnered worldwide acclaim and fame. 

Ndere Troupe has also provided unforgettable experiences for countless individuals and organizations by performing at significant life events.

The Ndere Troupe has performed at a variety of events, including graduations, weddings, anniversaries, dinners, launches, conferences, expositions, festivals, opening ceremonies, and state functions.

Ndere Troupe, with over 60 artists, is poised to continue shaping Ugandan culture and performance by taking it to the next level.

Additional services at Kampala’s Ndere Cultural Centre

  • Dinners on the barbecue.

Daily meals are served at our on-site restaurant. However, on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings, guests can enjoy a large and exquisite buffet. 

On these special nights, guests can enjoy not only spectacular food but also entertainment provided by the Ndere Troupe.

  • Cultural Nights in Ndere

The Ndere Troupe captures the incredible cultural songs, dances, and one-of-a-kind instruments from Uganda’s 56 tribes. 

They weave them into amusingly informative stories and present them in an authentic but artistically developed spectacle every Wednesday and Friday at 7 p.m., and Sundays at 6 p.m.; a must-see experience. 

This is the best introduction to African culture and way of life for international visitors to Uganda.

  • Lodging Facilities

The Ndere Cultural Centre offers a variety of overnight accommodations. Each room is surrounded by nature, providing guests with a picturesque view to wake up to. 

Each accommodation option also includes a complimentary breakfast. The wide selection of accommodation facilities offers the ideal getaway for couples, families, and groups, as well as a secure environment for solo travellers.

ndere cultural centre (1)
Additionally, countless individuals and organizations have enjoyed unforgettable experiences by having Ndere Troupe perform at significant life events. PHOTO/COURTESY

How to get to the Ndere centre

Ndere Centre is approximately 20-30 minutes from the city centre, You can hire a car from various car rental services around Kampala. 

Alternatively, one can take a taxi to Ntinda and walk to the centre, or adventurous travellers can ride motorbikes known as the Boda Bodas.

Due to the cultural centre’s limited seating capacity and the seating arrangement, large groups are advised to book in advance to ensure proper planning of the venue and barbecue dinners.

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