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New Vision Printing & Publishing Firm Limited is a holding company for the group (also known as "Visual Group").

New Vision Newspaper, the VISION GROUP flagship journal, was founded in 1986. William Pike was appointed as the first managing director of the company that year.

The New Vision Printing & Publishing Firm Limited is the group’s holding company. It is also popularly referred to as the (Vision Group). As of January 2010, the Group owned other newspapers, radio stations, and two television stations.

This multi-media company comprises newspapers, magazines, internet publications, televisions, radios, commercial printing, advertising, and distribution services.

The holding company’s stock trades under the symbol NVL on the Uganda Securities Exchange. The Group’s headquarters are located at 19 to 21 First Street in Kampala’s industrial sector.

The New Vision Newspaper, the group’s flagship journal, was founded in 1986. William Pike was the company’s first managing director, starting in the year the company was founded.

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Founded in 1986, the New Vision Newspaper is the group’s flagship publication.

Who owns Vision Group?

The Ugandan government, as well as institutional and individual investors, holds the Vision Group. The Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) trades the Group’s shares under the ticker NVL. 

The company boasts of an annual turnover of 92 billion Ugandan shillings. This makes it one of the best-performing companies in the country.

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One policy of the company is always to keep shareholders updated on all matters of the company, especially the finances. Shareholders and other interested parties can always access annual financial reports from the company’s website. Anyone can readily download the annual report of their year of choice. 

The company upholds very high levels of transparency. This has been a significant contributor to the success of the company.

The Vision of the company is to be a choice content hub that can be trusted. There are several content providers in the Ugandan market. However, only a few of those companies can reach the high standards set by Vision Group limited.

Its mission is to help generate as well as distribute the kind of content that is valuable and assists in advancing society. The company strives to be the best provider in all the niches that they occupy at the moment. 

The target audience’s needs drive this company to invest a lot more in the type of content that is useful to their target audience and clients.

The values that Vision Group dearly holds on to are innovation, courage, integrity, customer centricity, excellence, social responsibility, and zero tolerance when it comes to corruption.

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Don Wanyama is the new Vision Group CEO, replacing Robert Kabushenga.

The Team

The Board of Directors consists of the following members:

  1. Mr Patrick Ayota – Chairperson
  2. Don Wanyama – CEO/ Managing Director
  3. Ms Julie Piloya Okiror, Non-Executive Director
  4. Ms. Robinah Kaitiritimba Kitungi – Non-Executive Director
  5. Mr Peter Kawumi, Non-Executive Director
  6. Mr. Michael Nyago – Non-Executive Director
  7. Mr Aéko Ongodia, Non-Executive Director
  8. Mr David Kenneth Mafabi, Non-Executive Director
  9. Mrs Susan Lubega, Non-Executive Director
  10. Mr Moses Mwase, Non-Executive Director
  11. Ms Sarah Irene Walusimbi – Non-Executive Director

The senior management team consists of the following individuals;

  1. Don Wanyama – CEO/ Managing Director
  2. Gervase Ndyanabo – Company Secretary/ Deputy MD
  3. Augustine Tamale – Chief Finance Officer
  4. Peace Kabatangare – Chief Internal Auditor
  5. Barbara Kaija – Editor in Chief
  6. Gloria Kaitesi – Chief HR Officer
  7. Hope Nuwagaba Mugyenyi – Head of Sales
  8. Bill Tibingana – Head of Broadcast
  9. David Semugga – Head of Operations
  10. Umar Luyibanzi – Head of printing

Vision Group has a total of 691 employees. Existing work integration between the top-level management and the junior-level staff has enabled the company to achieve milestones. 

The company invests heavily in its staff’s well-being, hence the healthy relationship across the various work levels.

Vision Group Products and Services

Vision Group offers a myriad of services through their subsidiary companies. Some of their prominent subsidiary companies are as follows;

Vision Group Products and Services (1)
Through its subsidiaries, Vision Group offers a wide range of services.


The Vision Group is one of the leaders in the newspaper market in Uganda. This company boasts of ten publications that, over the years, have dominated the newspaper space in the country. 

These newspapers include;

  • New Vision Newspaper which is published in English.
  • Rupiny Newspaper which is published in Luo
  • Bukedde Newspaper which is published in Luganda.
  • Etop Newspaper, which is published in Ateso.
  • Orumuri Newspaper which is published in a language called Runyankore.


The Vision Group magazines reach directly to individuals in the specific target market. The magazines are published every three months. 

The magazines include;

  • Premiership magazine for football enthusiasts.
  • City Beat magazine focuses on entertainment.
  • Bride and Groom magazine.
  • Secondary Schools Directory.


Vision Group prides itself as an owner of six radio stations. 

These are;

  • Vision Voice FM
  • Radio Rupiny FM
  • Radio Bukedde FM
  • Arua One FM
  • Etop FM
  • 100.2 FM Radio West


There are three free to air Television channels owned by Vision Group. 

These are;

  • Bukedde Television (BTV)
  • Urban Television
  • West Television

In addition to these products, Vision Group’s other services are printing and SMS. A majority of newspapers in Uganda, Southern parts of Sudan as well as Rwanda are printed by Vision Group. Vision Group is hence a force to reckon with in the publishing sector.

Awards and Accomplishments

Vision Group has won quite many accolades as a company. 

It is a well-established company whose dedication to come up with better content among the provision of high-quality services has not gone unnoticed.

Individual employees of the company have also won many awards all around the world. For instance, the company’s journalists were big winners at the 2021 ACME awards. The night will linger in the minds and hearts of the journalists who rose above the rest as well as the company in many years to come.