fred-enanga 3 People Arrested in Kampala for Stealing Electric Wires
Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, said the arrest occurred after intensified police operations to combat vandalism, theft of wires and cables, and acts of sabotage.

Three people have been arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for allegedly stealing cables and wires from Kampala.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has in custody three people who were reportedly behind the theft of electric wires and cables in Kampala.

According to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, the arrest came following intensified police operations against acts of sabotage, vandalism and theft of electric wires and cables.

Enanga noted that successful raids were held at two locations in Namugongo and Katwe leading to the arrest of three UMEME workers and an assortment of exhibits.  

The police spokesperson revealed that both suspects are electrical engineers at the UMEME, Banda branch and residents of Nsawo LCI in Namugongo. He said upon search, electric equipment was recovered in their homes.

“In Namugongo, the task team arrested two suspected vandals identified as Kalumba James, aged 33 and Semuyaba Joseph, aged 28. Both suspects are electrical engineers at the UMEME, Banda branch and residents of Nsawo LCI in Namugongo,” Enanga said.

“Upon a search at their known premises, drums of black cables, power connectors and UMEME equipments were recovered,” he added that the task team also conducted another operation in Ndejje and arrested a 36-year-old electrician suspected to be dealing in the same act.

Enanga mentioned that a search was done at his residence and three drums of electric wire cables and other electricity connecting equipment were recovered.

“The task team conducted another operation in the Ndejje-Mirimu zone, and arrested Ezra Kimiah Mudhimbwa, a 36 year old electrician, and a sub-contractor of Komolo Co. Ltd. A search led to the recovery of 3 drums of electric wire cables and electricity connectors. Such criminal acts do negatively impact our economy through vandalism of critical infrastructure, loss of electricity which affects businesses and communities within the affected areas.”

“Due to the collaborative efforts of CID, other stakeholders and the local community, several suspects involved in cable theft and vandalism have been arrested and recoveries of exhibits made. The operations aimed at solving this senseless and destructive type of crime are continuing,” Enanga added.

He however, called upon the general public to share any information that will assist the police teams in fighting this crime and bring those who destroy critical infrastructure to book.