zip lining in Uganda (1)
Visitors can zip line through the treetops and climb into the treetops of the adventure park in the lush Mabira Forest. PHOTO/COURTESY

Zip Lining in Uganda is an action-packed recreational activity that involves riding a steel cable between two points with a protective seat or belt, generally through a valley with spectacular scenery.

Uganda offers zip lining as an adventure activity. It is an action-packed recreational activity that involves riding a steel cable between two points on a protective seat or belt, generally through a valley with spectacular views.

Best locations for zip lining in Uganda

Busika Extreme Adventure Park

Busika Extreme Adventure Park (1)
Visitors to Extreme Adventure Park Busika can zip away beneath a clear skyline along two 147-meter-long ziplines. PHOTO/GUIDE 2 UGANDA

This is one of Uganda’s largest adventure parks, located in Busiika on the Gayaza Zirombwe Road. 

Extreme Adventure Park Busika features two 147-meter-long ziplines that allow guests to zip away beneath a clear skyline. 

Both zip lines begin with obstacle challenges and conclude with a zipline as a reward for completing them successfully. If you enjoy a good challenge, having fun, and experiencing an adrenaline rush, this is the activity for you.

One can reach the Extreme adventure park via bus, coaster, taxi, or self-drive private car. You follow the Gayaza – Kampala Road and then the Gayaza Zirobwe Road. 

This drive takes approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes.

Griffin falls camp in the Mabira forest

Griffin falls camp in the Mabira forest (1)
Within the lush Mabira Forest adventure park, visitors can zip line past monkeys and colourful parrots while climbing treetops. PHOTO/COURTESY

The adventure park, located in the lush Mabira Forest, allows visitors to climb into the treetops and zip line past monkeys and colourful parrots. 

Griffin Park is a large park where you can stay three days (they have overnight accommodations) or just come up for the day to zip line for a couple of hours. 

Experiencing the canopy of the Mabira Forest teaches you to behave like monkeys. 

The Mabira Forest Canopy Super Skyway is a zip-line system that whisks you between the forest’s tallest trees, over the Musamya River, and among the birds on your way to six tree-top platforms. 

The Skyway’s approach and exit routes pass through dense tropical rainforest and past Griffin Falls

Participants have belayed up the first tree, transported through the skyway system by a team of highly trained sky captains, and repelled 90 meters from the final tree. 

All proceeds from the Mabira Forest Super Skyway benefit the Mabira Forest Integrated Community Organization (MAFICO), which is dedicated to enhancing local communities’ livelihoods and welfare through environmental conservation and development.

The price of a zip-lining experience in the Mabira forest

This unique activity costs only $50 per person or the equivalent amount in Uganda Shillings for non-Ugandans. Ugandans can ride the zip line for only Shs 60,000 per person.

Tourists may also opt for the $80 per person (or equivalent in Uganda Shillings) package, which includes the zip-line activity, nature walks, coffee, lunch, and a shuttle to and from Jinja.

Another option is to pay $100 per person, which includes the zip-line, nature walk, coffee, and lunch, as well as transportation to and from Kampala.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an adventurous weekend activity near Kampala, join the Mabira forest canopy zip-lining adventure and you won’t be able to contain your excitement.

Shoebill Adventure Park 

The park shoebill is found south of Entebbe town on Bussi island. 

The island is located 8 kilometres from Entebbe town and is accessible via a 40-minute motorized canoe ride through the Nakiwongo Landing site or a 15-minute speed boat ride. 

Bussi Island, which is home to the Shoebill Park, is also home to Mabamba Bay, a well-known birding location in Uganda. Around 280 bird species have been recorded in the area.

Lakeside Adventure Park 

Lakeside Adventure Park (1)
In early 2011, Lakeside Adventure Park became Uganda’s first high ropes course park. PHOTO/DIARY OF A MUZUNGU

Lakeside Adventure park opened in early 2011 and was Uganda’s first high ropes course park. The park is ideal for group events, retreats, team building activities, corporate groups, school field trips, and family fun days.

The park is accessible via KK Beach alongside Kasanga Gaba Kabalagala Road; you will then be picked up by a motorboat that will take you directly to Lakeside adventure park, passing the Ggaba National water purification centre on the way. 

You will then take a 45-minute boat ride to Lakeside Adventure Park in Mukono.

One can also access the park via the road, but those who enjoy driving should be aware that the road becomes muddy during the rainy season.

Additionally, the park features a well-equipped kitchen that serves delectable delicacies, regional fare, and fast food. It also features a lodge, cottages, and dormitories that are all extremely comfortable for a night’s stay.

Adonai Adventure Park 

Adonai Adventure Park (1)
Their activities, such as ziplining, paintball, and team-building, offer unique and unforgettable experiences. PHOTO/UGANDA TOURISM/ADONAI

Have you ever desired a break from daily stress and a place to rest away from people? Adonai adventure park is located in the heart of Namasuba, Nyanama, just off the Entebbe road

They offer unique and unforgettable experiences through a variety of activities, including ziplining, paintball, and team building.

Supreme Adventure Park Bunyonyi 

Supreme Adventure Park Bunyonyi (1)
For Ugandans, zip lining across one of the world’s deepest lakes costs just UGX 50,000. PHOTO/TUBAYO/SUPREME

Supreme Adventure Park Bunyonyi is located in Kabale, 11.3 kilometres from Kabale Market. 

Besides providing accommodation and fun activities, it features a bar, restaurant, free private parking and a shared lounge. 

There is a garden, a private beach area, and a terrace among the various amenities.

Among the activities available here is zip lining across one of the world’s deepest lakes for just UGX 50,000 for Ugandans. 

The experience provides travellers with a refreshing sense of cold water breezes and excellent views of the region’s local communities, islands, and rolling hills. 

Travellers are reminded to remain mentally alert and savour this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Buloba Forest Park resort

Forest Park Resort is one of Uganda’s most quietly preserved recreation centres, located in Buloba, approximately 17.6 kilometres from Kampala. 

Along the Mityana highway. Apart from ziplining, the Forest Park Resort is ideal for family reunions, camping, fishing, and any other outdoor activity you can think of.

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