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Entebbe Golf Club uganda (1)
Located directly across the street from the Presidential State House in Entebbe, the Entebbe Golf Club is Uganda's oldest and most famous golf course. PHOTO/COURTESY

Uganda has 18 golf courses where visitors can play golf while on holiday or while on a tour of the country, or even while on a business trip.

The Uganda Golf Union has made great strides in revitalizing many of Uganda’s abandoned golf courses, which were underdeveloped in the past. 

Uganda, Africa’s pearl, is primarily known for safaris, but we would like to introduce golf enthusiasts to the possibility of combining a safari with a round of golf.

Some golf courses are only a one-hour drive from national parks, while others are within walking distance of the district’s major cities.

Currently, Uganda has 18 golf courses on which visitors can play golf while on a safari holiday or tour, or even while on a business trip to Uganda. 

Uganda Golf Club is the most visited golf club in Uganda, while Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa is the best golf course in Uganda. Below is a list of golf courses in Uganda that you can incorporate into your adventure trip.

Uganda Golf Club

Since its inception in 1908, the Uganda Golf Club (Kampala Golf course) has provided golfers with a fair test of skill and patience on its single 18-hole, par 72 golf course measuring 6732 yards from the Blue Tees.

It is located in the heart of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, and one of its claims to fame is that it is the city’s biggest stretch of greenery.

The Kitante stream, which flows directly to Lake Victoria, runs through the valley where the Uganda Golf Club is located.

Golfers can expect to find undulating fairways, a 300-yard driving range as well as putting and chipping areas when they visit this golf course. 

These are advantageous features, particularly given that this golf course host sponsored tournaments for its members weekly.

Two full-sized practice areas enable golfers to hone all aspects of their game, while a Pro Shop with umbrellas ensures they are properly attired. The game must continue regardless of whether there are light showers.

A Bar & Grill area allows members and guests to relax leisurely, while a Weight Room ensures that no one misses a necessary gym workout, as well as a relaxing massage afterwards.

Uganda Golf Club (1)
This golf course offers undulating fairways, a 300-yard driving range as well as putting and chipping areas. PHOTO/COURTESY.UGANDA GOLF CLUB

How to join Uganda Golf Club 

To become a member of UGC, you must arrange for two current members to propose and second your application. 

If, on the other hand, you do not know any Club members, temporary membership is available every month for up to one year. This will allow you to meet other members and identify a proposer and a seconder for your application. 

The entrance fee (if applicable) will become due, which will be less than the joining fee you paid to qualify for the temporary membership.

Uganda Golf Club offers the following membership types and fees:

Application form fee: 10,000 

Non-refundable Entrance Fee: 100,000

Membership for Married Couples

  • Entrance Fees 3,000,000 
  • Annual Subscriptions 3,000,000
  • Fund for Development 1,775,000
  • Total 7,775,000

Note: New members will be charged Development fees for a period of up to three years.

Singles 100,000

Marrieds 150,000

Full Ordinary Membership (Single)

  • Entrance Fees 2,500,000 
  • Annual Subscriptions 2,000,000
  • Fund for Development 1,250,000
  • Total 5,750,000

Corporate Membership 

  • Annual Fees (4 members) 10,000,000
  • Additional Members 3,000,000

Fees for Guests

  • Unaccompanied – 200,000 per day
  • Accompanied – 75,000 per day

Other Memberships

  • Juniors Membership (Parent is a member) 150,000
  • Students Memberships 150,000

Lake Victoria Serena Golf Course

Serena Golf Course (1)
Golfers of all levels can enjoy its challenging layout designed by Golf Plan Inc USA. PHOTO/BOOKING.SERENA

The beautiful, picture-perfect golf resort is located on the banks of Lake Victoria in Lweza – Kigo, off Entebbe Road. 

It features an 18-hole golf course designed by Golf Plan Inc USA with a challenging layout for golfers of all skill levels. 

The 66-hectare Lake Victoria Golf Course, with a par of 72, is a great place to test your golfing skills in Uganda on an 18-hole course. 

The views of the lake and its surroundings are tranquil, with abundant birdlife, and each hole has a unique and relaxed feel. Its distinctive features include a finishing hole with an island green, a feature not found on many other courses. 

The course, which is rated among the best in the region and was the first in Uganda to use bentgrass, is in excellent condition and fits the profile of top golf courses worldwide. 

Additionally, a driving range, caddies, a halfway house, equipment rentals, and golf pros to teach juniors and adults are available.

Toro Golf Club 

Toro Golf Club (1)
This course measures 5,816 yards and has a par of 70. It is surrounded by natural beauty and hospitable natives. PHOTO/COURTESY.TORO

Toro Golf Club is located in Fort Portal, Uganda, against the stunning backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains

The golf course features nine holes with mature trees lining the long sweep of the fairways, and it is located adjacent to Kibale National Park, Africa’s best location for chimp tracking. 

The Toro Golf Club, which measures 5,816 yards and has a par of 70, is blessed with natural beauty and hospitable natives.

Entebbe Golf Club

Entebbe Golf Club (1)
There is no better place in Uganda to play golf than this, located directly across from the Presidential State House in Entebbe. PHOTO/COURTESY

Entebbe Golf Club is Uganda’s oldest and most famous golf course, located directly across from the Presidential State House in Entebbe.

Entebbe Golf Club’s 18-hole course measures 6,684 yards in length and has a par of 71. It is an incredible golf course that has hosted numerous tee-off events in Uganda.

Garuga Golf and Country Club

The Garuga Golf and Country Club, located in Kihihi Kanungu is the best option for golfers interested in tracking Uganda gorillas in the nearby Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

This 18-hole course measures 7,189 yards from the tips and has a par of 71. The course has an airstrip in Kihihi, allowing visitors to fly in, enjoy golfing and experience rural tourism attractions and cultures.

West Nile Golf Club

The revamped West Nile Golf Club in Arua, northwestern Uganda, has joined the league of the country’s best golf courses. 

The 18-hole golf course also features a chess club, particularly combining the two magnificent games. West Nile Golf Club, a parkland course with a par of 72, is northern Uganda’s premier golf destination.

Tororo Golf Club 

tororo uganda golf club (1)
The Tororo Golf Club measures 6,352 yards and has a par of 72, making it one of the best golf courses in Eastern Uganda. PHOTO/PICASA

The 18-hole Tororo Golf Club is located at the base of the spectacular Tororo rock, approximately 230 kilometres from the capital Kampala. 

Tororo Golf Club, which measures 6,352 yards in length and has a par of 72, is one of the places to tee-off while in Eastern Uganda.

Mehta Golf Course

Mehta Golf Course (1)
With a par of 72, Metha Golf Club measures approximately 6,200 yards from the tips.

The Mehta Golf Club, located in Lugazi, east of Uganda’s capital Kampala, evolved from a family ‘garden golf’ tradition, expanding from the original nine holes to a fairly concentrated 18-hole layout in a lovely, scenic part of the country. 

The Metha Golf Club measures approximately 6,200 yards from the tips and has a par of 72. It is located within a private section of a sprawling plantation layout.

Kilembe Mines Golf Course

Kilembe Mines Golf Course is one of the most scenic golf courses in Uganda, located in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains in Kasese. 

This 18-hole parkland course, with a par of 73, is possibly the most difficult in Uganda.

Jinja Golf Course

Jinja Golf Course (1)
The course, which measures 5,926 yards, has nine holes totaling par 72. PHOTO/GOLFPASS

Jinja Golf Club is ideally located with breathtaking views of the Nile’s source, making it a popular tourist destination for most golfers visiting Uganda.

It features nine holes totalling par 72 and measuring 5,926 yards in length.

Other golf courses in Uganda include the Kabale Golf Club, the Kinyara Golf Club, the Lira Golf Club, the Mbale Sports Club Golf Course, the Palm Golf Club in Akright along the Entebbe road, the Mar Louise Simkins Memorial Golf Course, the Mbarara Golf Course, and the Soroti Golf Club.

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