NRM launches Generation Seven Youth
NRM party launches Generation Seven Youth (G7), a pressure group ahead of 2021 ballot. File Photo

NRM party launches Generation Seven Youth (G7), a pressure group ahead of 2021 ballot

What is the NRM Generation Seven Youth? Ever since the People Power Movement came into existence, and the kind of support it assumed within the shortest period of time, most especially with the young generation. 

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party is working hard to win back youth support who had shunned the party joining People Power.

The tension in NRM Party was activated after Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the People Power leader announced his intentions to stand for the presidency to compete with the incumbent incoming 2021, general elections.

Since the youth are the largest group in Uganda’s population structure, NRM could not just ignore the matter, because they are the largest group of voters in Uganda.

Now, NRM Party has launched a youth pressure group, which according to Party members’ is purposely meant to frustrate the fame and support People Power Movement has attained, as they get ready for the 2021 general elections.

The NRM “Generation Seven Youth” (G7) is the name of the pressure group. It consists of Ugandans born after 1986, the year President Museveni liberated Uganda.

The group is expected to empower fellow youth out there economically, remind them what the NRM has done and what it has in stock for them.

The launch which happened on Thursday, 7th, November 2019, began with a match through the city under tight security, heading to the Party Offices and received by Dr Hassan Galiwango, the NRM Director for Finance and Administration.

Stephen Mukasa, the Generation Seven Youth Pressure Group leader commended the NRM Secretariat for building the party structure countrywide, saying their work now is to support and participate in every activity laid up by the party.

The launch comes after People Power Movement unveiled a youth wing named “Students Power” and students representatives at the movement, two days’ back, purposely to strengthen the movement’s supports among youth, ahead of 2021 presidential ballot.

The event occurred at Bobi Wine’s house in Magere, Kasangati Town Council, in Wakiso District on 5, Nov 2019.

People Power Movement Spokesperson, Joel Ssenjonyi lauded students for standing strong as far as their rights are concerned, saying they should keep it up if the country is to achieve real freedom.

Ssenyonyi however, urged students to stand against any form of violence and injustice directed towards them.

Thereafter, the students who were from different universities were tasked to preach the liberation gospel to people out there.

“We are saying we are not going to sit back and see these institutions go down. Holding a placard is not violence, it is you Museveni who went to the bush and killed people. That is what we call violence,” Ssenyonyi noted.

Ssenyonyi adds that student leaders should not expect payments and incentives at a moment, because they don’t have the money, but after capturing power in 2021, they will receive the salaries and the vehicles.

He made the remarks after the MC introduced him as boss.

“Calling me boss implies that you expect me to pay your salary. We will buy for you the mpa enkonis of Kusasiras and the likes when we take over power. That is when we will afford to pay you.”

People who attended the launch included; Bobi Wine’s brother, Chairman Nyanzi, Tundulu Jonathan, the Kyambogo University guild president, Roy Ssembogo and many others.

But before NRM unveiled the G7 Pressure Group, on Sat 26, October, President Museveni held a meeting with the ghetto youth and launched the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party Youth Camp Headquarters at Kibuye, a Kampala suburb.

This includes an NRM empowerment office for the youth working in Katwe and Kibuye area.

Museveni says the office is particularly meant to register youth in their respective production groups from SACCOs, where the government will channel financial assistance to boost their businesses.

All these attempts by NRM Party are intended to win youth support which had gone wild, back again.

“The office will be a registration point for SACCOs and will make it easy for us to support the youth in their different product groups,” said Museveni.