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Who is Odrek Rwabwogo? PHOTO/UGMIRROR

Who is Odrek Rwabwogo?: Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, family, wife, tribe, relationship with Patience Museveni, work and experience, early life and education of the CEO of TERP and TOMOSI Group of Companies.

Odrek Rwabwogo is a Ugandan businessman and the husband of Patience Museveni, President Yoweri Museveni’s daughter. He’s extremely a wealthy man and recently attempted to join politics but later on, Rwabwogo dropped his political plan.

Early Life and Education

Odrek Rwabwogo was born on September 17, 1969, in Kinoni current Rwesharira Sheema District, western Uganda. 

Rwabwogo is the fifth child of a family of seven.

Rwabwogo attended Naama Primary School from he attained his Primary Leaving Education Certificate in 1982, then Kako Secondary School after arriving late for admission at Old Kampala Senior Secondary School.

Odrek sat twice for A’ Level in 1989 and 1990 at Mbarara High School, and after obtaining excellent results, Rwabwogo got admitted to Makerere University to pursue Economics and Political Science. 

Later, he got a scholarship to study Media and Journalism at Cardiff University. 

Work and Experience

Odrek Rwabwogo and his wife Patience Rwabwogo began developing Rwabwogo’s parent’s farm in 2002 soon after their marriage. 

Rwabwogo and Patience improved the animal breed from the traditional Ankore Long Horned cows to a crossbreed, the Dutch Friesian and Holstein type. 

This was because the Ankore cattle produced less milk and the two wanted a breed to give milk in larger amounts. On the farm, Rwabwogo and his wife Patience included fruit farming.

Mr Odrek Rwabwogo is the CEO of TERP and TOMOSI Group of Companies dealing in importation and exportation. Under TOMOSI Company particularly house shopping malls in Ntinda, Bunga, Kansanga, Muyenga, Bugolobi, Nasser Road, Kololo, Nakasero, Bukoto, Wandegeya and Nakawa.

TERP Consult is a consultancy firm that handles legal affairs, business and investment, procurement, government contracts, taxes among others.

TERP Real Estates. This handles construction projects for instance; roads, dams, buildings, architecture, among others. The company is based at Serena Hotel Kampala.

TERP Security. This deals with security services like including armed guards, private investigations, delivery, gold trading, labor export, private investigation, among others.

TERP Clearing and Forwarding. This is a product transportation company in addition to clearing and forwarding goods.

TERP Paper. This company manufactures paper in Uganda and at the same time does its export across East Africa and is one of the largest firms in the region.

TERP Industries. This firm has shares in various manufacturing companies in Uganda including Crown Beverages, Harris International, Picfare Industries, Tiagong Plastics, TERP Poly-ethane and TERP Oils.

TOMOSI Farm Industry. This deals in cattle rearing and is one of the largest and most productive and profiting cattle farms in the region. It produces animals products that include; Milkman, UHT Longlife Milk, Lato Milk among other products. 

TOMOSI Farm Industry is one of the leading exporters of beef across the Middle East particularly Israel.  

TERP Hotels. This runs small-sized hotels in Entebbe, Kololo, Nakasero, Kiwatule, Munyonyo and Buziga. While TERP Institute of Journalism is a school of journalism having branches in Mbarara, Kampala and Nairobi and TERP Media housing Kaaro FM 103.8 FM.

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In 2000, Odrek Rwabwogo met Yoweri Museveni’s daughter Patience Museveni. The two got married in 2002. PHOTO/COURTESY


Mr Odrek Rwabwogo is current Uganda’s Presidential Advisor on Special Duties. He recently came out to clarify claims saying he’s being groomed to succeed President Yoweri Museveni. This followed statements that circulated on social media promoting his 2026 presidential bid.

He said they are misleading statements from those opposing the ruling government, the videos and posters were extracted from his previous media interviews, re-edited to frame and promote their political games.

Rwabwogo attempted to join active politics in 2016 but later withdrew from the race to ease tension within the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party. 

He raced for the position of NRM western Vice President that was occupied by Bush War hero, Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza who claimed Rwabwogo’s participation was intentional to submerge him. 


Odrek Rwabwogo authored a book titled; Uganda Districts Information Handbook 2005-2006. 


Odrek Rwabwogo met Patience Museveni, the daughter of Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, in the year 2000, and the two married in 2002. 

Together they are parents of four; two boys and two girls.