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zuku tv uganda packages
Here at Fash Uganda Media, we will walk you through the Zuku TV Uganda packages, channel lists, and decoder costs. FILE PHOTO

Zuku TV Uganda provides all of the above in one convenient package so that you do not need to think about them separately when purchasing a digital decoder for your home.

When selecting a digital decoder for your home, be sure to consider the cost, channel preferences, and service quality. Zuku TV Uganda provides you with all of these features in one convenient package.

You will find information about Zuku TV Uganda package details, channel lists, and decoder costs in this article from Flash Uganda Media.

Wananchi Group’s Zuku TV is the leading satellite cable television service in East Africa. Customers in Uganda can subscribe to Direct to Home (DTH) pay-TV services. 

On their Zuku App, the TV provides HD channels, HD decoders, and mobile streaming services.

Since its successful launch in late 2011, Zuku TV has been dedicated to providing television fans with endless, high-quality home edutainment and communication services at a low cost that is affordable to Ugandans in the middle class.

Subscribers to the Zuku triple play package, which includes TV, phone, and internet, are guaranteed to have more fun. The internet services are provided independently by Zuku fiber and satellite Zuku TV, connecting the entire homestead to a fast and stable internet connection.

With over 105 channels per bundle, you’ll be able to keep up with the current trends on all of your local TV and radio stations in the comfort of your own home.

Zuku TV provides you with exclusive access to 60 regional channels, 5 documentary channels, and 7 religion channels, ensuring that your daily worship and prayer sessions are covered on Emmanuel TV.

If you enjoy general entertainment, Zuku features five channels where you can catch up on the latest Telenovela episodes. Prepare to watch the most recent sporting events on Fox Sports networks.

You won’t have to worry about your kids’ amusement, breaking news, movies, series, or music with Zuku because there are over 6 channels to choose from.

Ugandan Zuku TV bundles

Zuku TV has the best edutainment and the lowest pay-TV bundles. We can all agree to disagree, but all of these bundles are affordable, with prices starting at less than UGX 40,000.

  • UGX 12,000 per month for Zuku Smart
  • UGX 16,000 per month for Zuku Smart Plus
  • UGX 26,500 Zuku Class
  • UGX 36,500 Zuku Premium
  • Asian Standalone UGX 39,000 
  • Asian by through Package UGX 35,000

Smart Package

  • There are 53 TV channels and 21 radio stations included in the package.
  • Zuku Smart Package includes a UGX 12,000 monthly subscription fee.

Zuku Smart Plus

  • There are 65 TV channels and 21 radio stations included in the package.
  • Zuku Smart Plus has a monthly subscription fee of UGX 16,000 per month.

Zuku Classic Package

  • 73 TV channels and 58 radio stations 
  • Zuku Class Package costs UGX 26,500 per month to subscribe to.

Premium Zuku Package

  • There are 83 TV stations and 58 radio stations included in this package.
  • Zuku Premium Package costs UGX 36,500 per month to subscribe to.

Asian Standalone Package

  • There are 29 Asian channels
  • The monthly subscription to the Asian Standalone Package is Ugx 39000.

Asian Buy Through Package

  • It includes 21 Asian channels.
  • Subscriptions are available for UGX 35000 each month.

All Uganda TV and radio stations are available through the Zuku Smart, Zuku Smart plus, Zuku Class, and Zuku Premium packages.

Price of Zuku Decoders in Uganda

Zuku’s whole equipment costs UGX 142,000 and includes a satellite dish, decoder, and remote. For UGX 82,000, you can get a Zuku TV decoder and a remote.

Mobile App for Zuku TV Uganda

The Zuku Go app allows you to manage your Zuku account with a single click from the convenience of your mobile phone.

The App may be used as remote control from anywhere, allowing you to simply control what shows are shown on your TV. 

The Zuku App allows you access to a variety of TV channels, allowing you to watch your favourite shows whenever you want. It displays how much you owe and allows you to make a payment or change your information at any moment.

Zuku TV will provide you and your family with limitless entertainment at a cost that is both reasonable and affordable. With a triple play service, you can rest assured that your educational and communication needs will be met. 

You will not be disappointed if you try Zuku TV today.