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Who is Pastor Andrew Jengo?

Who is Pastor Andrew Jengo? Flash Uganda Media looks at the biography, wife, age, church ministry, preaching, Kawaala Revival Church, family and relationship with Vivian Tendo, Lynnet, Shasha Brighton, early life and education of the late Pastor Yiga’s Son.

Pastor Andrew Jengo is a Ugandan pastor and businessman. 

Founded by Augustine Yiga aka Abizaayo, a fallen comic minister who died October 2020 at Nsambya Hospital in Kampala after losing a battle to liver disease, Jengo now leads Kawaala Revival Church, based in Kawaala, a Kampala suburb.

Church Ministry

Pastor Andrew Jengo is currently the lead pastor at Kawaala Revival Church replacing his late father Pr. Augustine Yiga

He’s the firstborn child to the late Pastor Yiga with nine other siblings from separate mothers all under his care now. He as well took over the ABS TV management. 

ABS TV was established by the late Pastor Yiga alongside other ventures that he had established before his death.

In March 2021, Pastor Jengo was awarded the most innovative young pastor in Uganda.

Before Pastor Yiga’s death, he and fellow Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life Church based in Makerere Kivule, a Kampala City suburb had wrangles. 

Senyonga claimed Yiga is not a pastor but rather a fraudster and a witch.

And after his death, Pastor Senyonga still continued the war; he attacked Pastor Jengo while preaching at his church and advised Christians to shun his church. 

He accused him of being a witch, just like his father the late Pastor Yiga and a drunkard. 

According to Senyonga, the late Yiga trained his son to continue his legacy as a witch and false preacher disguising himself to be a man of God.

However, in response, Pastor Jengo calmly said he won’t say anything yet concerning Senyonga’s remarks, for God will answer him on his behalf.

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Pastor Jengo won the award for Uganda’s most innovative young pastor in March 2021.

Family and Relationship

As far as is known, Pastor Andrew Jengo is a single man without a wife and does not have any active relationships.

He has been falsely linked to many female celebrities like Vivian Tendo, Lynnet the Urban TV presenter, and Shasha Brighton. According to Jengo, they only share business ideas and are just close friends.

Jengo is raising his nine young siblings from separate mothers that his late father survived with.