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Travellers on quad biking tours in Uganda can explore a park or location on an all-terrain vehicle with a quad bike. PHOTO/RAFT AFRICA

In Uganda, quad biking is the best activity during the rainy season. The more mud on the ground, the better, as it enhances the excitement.

Uganda offers so many activities to travellers of all levels, including passive activities as well as adventurous ones such as bungee jumping, white water rafting (grade 5 rapids), mountain climbing, and quad biking.

Quad riding is one of the amazing ways to tour African towns or replace the regular nature walks for those who don’t love walking.

Quad bike adventures in Uganda are one of the many adrenaline-raising adventure sports in Uganda that tourists craving some thrill can enjoy while on a safari tour. 

Uganda is a lovely landlocked country that is undoubtedly gifted by nature that even Sir Winston Churchill named it “The Pearl of Africa”. 

Travellers can enjoy a Uganda safari tour with such a wide range of activities, ranging from passive activities to very adventurous activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting (grade 5 rapids), mountain climbing, and quad biking, among other adventure activities in Uganda.

Quad riding excursions in Uganda have travellers experiencing conventional Uganda safari experiences. Quad riding tours in Uganda include travellers exploring the park or location in mind on a quad bike on an all-terrain vehicle. 

Quad riding activities in Uganda have holidaymakers enjoying their “self-game viewing drive” or adventure in an area. Quad bike activities in Uganda can only be done in Jinja and Lake Mburo National Park.

Lake Mburo National Park is the only protected region and national park in Uganda from where quad bike adventures can be experienced and enjoyed. 

Lake Mburo National Park is a beautiful and scenic park located only 240km away from Kampala and is home to a variety of wild animals. 

Important to note is that Lake Mburo National Park is free from predators, and the quad riding activity is done in the tutelage of a ranger guide.

Quad riding in Jinja is an incredible adventure activity that takes visitors through some of the most scenic areas in the city. 

Additionally, it takes you through communities, considerably enriching one’s ideas and experiences of Uganda, as you get to observe the country’s raw environment and people going about their daily lives. 

With a quad bike excursion in Jinja, you shall get to pass through communities and homesteads, observing the inhabitants conducting various chores like cultivating the soil manually.

Before you quad bike in Jinja, here are some tips

Quad biking in Jinja uganda (1)
Travellers can explore the park or location in mind with a quad bike on an all-terrain vehicle on quad riding tours in Uganda. PHOTO/RAFT AFRICA

Quad biking costs from $50 and $110 per hour, depending on the route and duration of the ride.

Bikers should wear loose/light clothing to stay comfortable during the action (preferably a tracksuit or leggings). 

The Quad Biking Company can supply overalls and gumboots to protect you from dirt and watery surfaces, but you are welcome to bring your own. 

Cameras must be protected from dust and water with dust and water-resistant bags.

Quad biking in Jinja is great during Uganda’s wet seasons. The more mud on the ground, the better, as sliding adds excitement to the activity. 

Additionally, the countryside is incredibly scenic during the rainy season, with lots of activity and wonderful singing birds everywhere. 

The dry season makes the circuit extremely dusty, creating havoc for riders at the rear of the pack who may find themselves buried in the dust at the finish.

While riding through the muck is thrilling, it is prudent to practice caution. Quad Bikes are equipped with huge tires that can hurl mud directly into the face of the following rider.

Quad biking at Lake Mburo National Park

quad biking adventures in Uganda (1)
As long as you are 12 years or older, you can go quad biking in Uganda, particularly in Lake Mburo National Park, and you do not need previous experience. PHOTO/Uganda Budget Safaris

Apart from Jinja, Lake Mburo National Park offers quad biking

Lake Mburo is currently the only park that offers this activity due to the absence of elephants and the absence of lion threats. 

Even alone, the huge bikes are ideal for touring the area. Quad bikes are employed at Lake Mburo National Park because they are easy to manoeuvre and are equipped with silencers to avoid frightening the animals. 

As with Jinja, riders are briefed before viewing wild animals grazing on savanna plains, forests, and valleys. Bikers are strongly cautioned against exceeding the posted speed limit or deviating from recognized routes. 

Gumboots, helmets, overalls, and goggles are provided by the park authority.

The beauty of quad riding excursions in Uganda is that passengers on this activity can make many stops at any moment, along the trails being taken for whatever reason like game viewing, engaging with the people, snap pictures, among so many. 

While on a quad bike journey in Lake Mburo National Park and you do stop for a viewing opportunity, make careful to switch off your engine to not scare off the wildlife, and to also enjoy the actual African environment.

For those travellers that would like to enjoy a quad biking adventure safari in Lake Mburo National Park but think it is not sustainable, know that the quad bikes are suitable for the task for they are semi-automatic with efficient silencers and travellers are only allowed to use low-pressure tyres such that there is minimal impact on the trail being used and the nature therein.

Quad biking excursions in Uganda, notably in Lake Mburo National Park can be done by anyone, as long as you are 12 years and older, and you need not have previous experience of using a quad bike. 

You can be trained on how to operate the quad bike and the associated principles, and then experience the remainder firsthand.

Quad biking in Entebbe

Quad biking in Entebbe is done on Ssese islands. You can enjoy a personalized quad bike tour on Ssese island for 2 hours at Ugx 100,000. 

The riding routes are suitable for riders of all abilities, from novice to expert.

The quad biking adventure

The quad biking experience typically begins with a training and briefing session during which you will be instructed on proper conduct, including adhering to all rules and regulations regarding quad biking adventures in Lake Mburo National Park, such as not driving off-track

Following that, you’ll acquire the necessary equipment to ensure the safety and success of your quad biking adventures, such as a helmet, goggles, overalls, and gumboots. 

It is also critical to bring loose or light clothing, particularly for those planning quad biking adventures in Jinja, preferably a tracksuit or leggings. 

Additionally, remember to bring waterproof bags for your cameras and other electronic devices, as well as bottles of drinking water and snacks if your guide or tour operator did not include them in your itinerary quote.

Quad biking adventures in Uganda can be enjoyed throughout the year, but the wet season, or off-peak travel season, is the best time to do so because the roads are more slippery, making the experience all the more adventurous and much easier for the quad bikes to slide over, and the countryside is especially scenic. 

The wet season in Lake Mburo National Park also sees fewer visitors, providing travellers with some room to explore the park without encountering too many people.

Whatever time of year you choose to visit Uganda for quad biking adventures, you can be certain that you will have a good time. 

Apart from quad biking, travellers can also enjoy horseback safaris in Lake Mburo National Park, as well as horseback riding in Jinja, as well as bungee jumpingwhite water rafting, kayaking, and Nile tubing. 

Contact your trusted tour operator for assistance in planning one of the most memorable quad biking adventures in Uganda and a variety of other adventure activities.