Paul Mutabaazi Fresh Kids father drops his first song (Mazike)
Paul Mutabaazi Fresh Kids father drops his first song (Mazike)

Fresh Kid’s father, Paul Mutabaazi has claimed that he would not mind joining the music industry if he recognizes he has talent there and in case it can change his life.

Paul Mutabaazi who also confirmed taking on Fresh Daddy as his new stage name stated that he wants to sing for fun and his inspiration comes from two musicians in Jose Chameloene and David Lutalo whom he would love to emulate.

“I am just doing this for fun, in case I get supported, you never know it would be a great thing. But I have hope my life will change through music,” Mutabaazi stated when he was in the studio recording his first song titled mazike (gorillas).

He added,

“I like Chameleone (Jose), I like him so much and he has never gone down in his music. He and David Lutalo are the most powerful artists I know.”

According to Paul Mutabaazi, his song is dubbed mazike to mean gorillas which are lately used by most youths to refer to money (50,000 Ugandan shillings notes).

In the song, Mutabaazi praises the effect of money on an individual’s life, claiming that the world is only a good place when one has money. He also takes time to promote his home area Luweero.

However, Fresh Daddy stated that although he has the passion for singing he doesn’t want to look like most artists who use strange names and act like thugs.

“I am a father; I don’t want to look like a thug or give my self strange names. Fresh Daddy is to mean something new. But, I would not mind joining the music industry if there is a possibility marched by my talent,” Fresh Daddy said.

Meanwhile, he has warned artists in the music industry that he is doing music for fun and not competing with anyone or his son.

“I am not competing with anyone, this is normal and I don’t want to upset anyone,” Fresh Daddy (Paul Mutabaazi) added.

By John Dalton Kigozi