PM on Serinah Nebanda’s death
Prime Minister directs the Attorney General to produce a report on Serinah Nebanda’s death

Prime Minister directs the Attorney General to produce a report on Serinah Nebanda’s death.

The prime minister, also the leader of government business in parliament, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has issued a directive to the Attorney General, William Byaruhanga to avail a report concerning the death of Serinah Nebanda, former woman legislator Butaleja district.

“We ask the Attorney General to come and give a proper explanation to this August House, such that parliament knows what’s happening,” Rugunda asked.

The outspoken Butaleja woman legislator died in December 2012. Her sudden death left many with questions, and since then their questions remained unanswered.

In this scene, her boyfriend was arrested and implicated in her death.
However, the government took charge in finding what really killed the young legislator. Samples from her body parts were taken for tests in South Africa, six years down the road no report has ever been produced.

As the country stands to wait for the report as regards to Serinah Nebanda’s death, Jinja East legislator, Paul Mwiru raised the issue and tasked government to explain when the report will be tabled before the August House for discussion.

“We don’t know what killed Serinah Nebanda and who killed Nebanda. So, we thought it’s important that the government lives up to its promise,” Mwiru said.

Some legislators in their view, think the government will never produce any report to parliament concerning Serinah Nebanda death.

“But I think we must come back as parliament, and have a stronger session on how government should operate under such unknown death of people,” Joseph Ssewungu Kalungu West legislator said.

Legislators say it’s upon them leaders in parliament, to request the government to produce a report on Serinah Nebanda’s death and other people who died with questions, such that Ugandans are availed with the necessary information they need.

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