Museveni data centre in jinja
President Museveni launches another state of the art data centre in Jinja

President Museveni launches another state of the art data centre in Jinja worth Shs43b.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has officially commissioned a new state of the art data centre in Jinja, that will accommodate different government agencies and institution’s information.

While commissioning the project, Museveni said that these institutions have been wasting a lot of tax payer’s money simply because they worked separately and each one needed funding. He, however, said the issue is solved now.

“It’s an attempt to put the brain parts together so that the brain is one and then the brain is able to know what the leg is doing, what the arm is doing, what’s happening to the chest that’s how we get a healthy organ. I think that’s what we are trying to do here,” Museveni said.

This state of the art data centre in Jinja is the second in Uganda established under the National Information Technology Authority (NITA).

“So far we have two sites, this one (Jinja) and in Kampala, we have prepared already 57 agencies which are going to be hosted on this infrastructure and many more are coming. Because we are trying to create a road map where we will avoid any further duplication of this infrastructure and provide more security and availability of information for government,” James Saaka, Executive Director NITA said.

Saaka says this National cloud data centre in Jinja, the second in Uganda, has been well equipped with state of art technology most of them imported from Israel.

“The servers, the cloud infrastructure, there’s network equipment, there’s security equipment. So, a lot of mixed equipment to ensure that we provide a good service.”

This project will help government agencies to lower bureaucracy and time wasted in acquiring these services by government agencies.

“In the Ministry of Education and sports, we had several teachers coming to the ministry, travelling long distances to register and have services rendered to them. Right now they don’t need to come to Kampala any more, what they need to do is pick a phone, go to a nearby internet café and thereafter wait to be served. We shall serve them online,” an official from the Ministry of Education said.