UGANDA Police Confiscate CCTV Footage of emmanuel tegu
Police Confiscate CCTV Footage displaying events that resulted in the death of Emmanuel Tegu. FILE PHOTO

Police on Wednesday forcefully confiscated CCTV footage with proof over Mak student death blocking access for media.

Police on Wednesday forcefully confiscated the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage displaying events that resulted in the death of Emmanuel Tegu, a Makerere University third-year Veterinary student.

Tegu was allegedly beaten by a mob on July 4th for yet unclear reasons although multiple sources claim that he was suspected to be a thief. He was rushed to Mulago hospital where he breathed his last.

Following his death, many sources have since come up with different stories behind Tegu’s death including accusing the police officers and LDUs of having beaten him after he was found moving beyond the curfew time.

However, amidst the contradictory information surrounding his death, Fr Ddungu of St. Augustine Chapel inside the University ordered for the release of footage from the chapel CCTV in the presence of both police and media personnel.

According to Fr. Ddungu, in recent days various stories have popped up surrounding the death of Emmanuel Tegu but he hopes the footage from the camera can conclude the matter.

“I am being called every day and by many people wanting to see this footage. It must be given to the media. I am tired of being called and I want this to be concluded. The journalists are here, allow them to see,” Fr Ddungu said.

As a result, the Priest informed the media on Tuesday that the footage was to be officially released to police and journalists on Wednesday at 11 am. 

However, at the time of displaying the footage, only police officers and an ICT team from police manned the area blocking any journalist and media personnel from accessing the showroom.

According to the University Officer in charge of criminal investigations, Priscilla Amuko, the footage is still under investigations and as a result, details cannot be shared now.

“If you have any other queries to make you can go through the PRO (police spokesperson). We have not taken over anything. Let’s work together to see the deceased gets justice,” ASP Amuko said.

UGANDA Police Confiscate CCTV Footage of emmanuel tegu
Police Confiscate CCTV Footage displaying events that resulted in the death of Emmanuel Tegu. FILE PHOTO

According to the University Guild President, Julius Kateregga, who got a chance to view the footage, the deceased was beaten at the Students’ centre that also houses Centenary Bank in Makerere Zone V near Lumumba hall of residence. 

Earlier, police said that they have arrested more than 10 suspects concerning Tegu’s death. The suspects all residents of Makerere have since been remanded at Wandegeya police station with the search for others who took off also still ongoing according to Onyango.

 “All the suspects are residents of Makerere University in Kampala. They are detained at Wandegeya Police Station pending interrogation,” Onyango’s statement read earlier.

“The suspects, whose identities will be disclosed after interrogation, are said to have participated in the mob action that led to the death of the student. Our teams are also pursuing others who took off,” added.