Quality Supermarket: Police release statement on Arnold Mugisha death
Quality Supermarket: Police release statement on Arnold Mugisha death

Following the gun shooting incident that saw one businessman identified as Arnold Mugisha’s shot dead, Police has released a statement giving full details about the happening.

According to the Police, they have opened investigations about the incident that occurred today morning at Quality Supermarket in Naalya.

In the statement, it is noted that the deceased and his other two colleagues came to Quality Supermarket for shopping.

The deceased remained in the car and after shopping one of them released a lowry which knocked one of the cars in the parking which called for the ‘Askari’s’ attention.

One security guard identified as Babu Aweza reprimanded the group but they were unwilling to take it in.

They refused to heed to his pleas to stop and address the issue with the owner of the other car.

Police said that in the process of reversing, the deceased crushed ‘Askari’ Babu’s leg which infuriated another guard on duty identified as Moses Angoria who ran to his century box and picked up his SAR gun and shot the deceased at his mouth while he was on his car steering.

The colleagues then rushed the deceased to Independent hospital Ntinda where he was confirmed dead.

Meanwhile, the police statement also noted that the CCTV cameras at the supermarket could not show the scene but rather eyewitnesses gave them an account of the incident.

Mugisha, who has been the proprietor of Kololo-based Hickory Bar and Restaurant, was shot dead in Naalya following an altercation with a security guard manning the premises.

Sources stated that the Toyota Mark X which both the deceased and his colleagues were using had its left passenger window torn through by the bullet from Angoria’s gun.

The same bullet went diagonally, exiting from the driver’s side where Mugisha was seated.

Angoria was pounded by a group of people to settle justice and same sources identified that he is currently admitted at Mulago hospital.

By John Dalton Kigozi